Homeland Security Seizes Land Rovers – Are You Guilty By Association?

Punished by Association

Even if YOU aren’t doing something wrong, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be punished!

Homeland Security is seizing old Land Rovers – adorned in armor and acting in pre-dawn raids on innocent civilians (what a great use of taxpayer money!), people who are supposed to be protecting Americans from terror are actually terrorizing owners of imported vehicles.

The impetus was that supposedly that these vehicles were illegally imported at one point in their history, but, for the people who purchased them “legally”, they are now out of a vehicle and their investment, thanks to the federal government.  Do you feel like the ‘homeland’ is safer?

This article demonstrates that YOU can face seizure without being the actual cause of illegal activity because the government is after someone else.  A product you bought, or an employer you currently or used to work for, or maybe a neighbor or friend who is now in trouble – YOU are a target too!  So saying you don’t care because you don’t do anything wrong is NOT SMART!  Do you really want the troubles that go along with defending yourself when you are not doing anything wrong?  Here is a great example of being “guilty by association” and the related consequences.   It is already happening and it is just a matter of time before YOU are not “safe enough” to drive.


For instance, let’s say your car is now five years old and the government has declared it a hazard because the air-bags (or whatever) could be faulty and cause an accident.  Let’s say the cost to fix this is larger or a bigger percentage of the value of the vehicle and a recall isn’t going to happen because the car companies have now lobbied to limit recalls so they can stay in business.  It’s just easier to trade in or purchase a safer, newer car – IF you can afford to do that.

This logic is dangerous to your freedom.  It forces you to buy a new car and not a used one!  Most people can’t afford a new vehicle every five years and in fact, your vehicle is worthless as a trade-in.  Remember when the government paid to demolish cars they said were too old and unsafe to be on the road (ah, Cash for Clunkers)?  This hurt the poor and hurt the economy by restricting and removing affordable transportation for tens of thousands of people.  So what happens when the government requires you to buy a car never less than 5 years old?  This leaves leasing as your only viable option – only if you have good “credit” of course.  Or worse yet, the government will force YOU to ride the bus, train or any other public transportation that the government wants you to subsidize.

Some would say this will never happen because the State and federal government need gas tax sales and license plate fees, etc., but understand, that YOU will be taxed in other ways to make up that difference.  It is just going be a shift in how and how much you pay for other things.


We are rapidly approaching self-driving cars and they will be deemed “safer”.  The next step after that is restricting other vehicles that are controlled by you and that you are no longer capable or safe enough to drive.  Your car will be banned or you will be banned from driving.  Do you need a drivers’ license to operate a self driving car?  Maybe not.  But you will need a permit to have one along with the other trappings of forced insurance, parking fees and scheduled maintenance that will be required or your car will not operate.  No more waiving scheduled maintenance or having your car fixed at a local ‘unauthorized’ mechanic.  Fix it or park it, even when it runs fine, it will be programmed to stop running until you take it, or tow it in.  How about being taxed per mile?  Your odometer will be required to be checked (or checked automatically and transmitted like it is on “smart meters” and a fee imposed and assessed –  or again – your car will be locked down.

Car pooling?  Think again.  That’s a business!  You will need permits and authorization and fees paid.

There are so many things philosophically wrong with self-driving vehicles in a free society and the consequences to YOU.  The best solution is to flat out reject buying them.  No sales creates problems for the government and car makers.  The car makers have finally sided with lobbying with the government to force you to buy their product, just like the insurance companies did with health insurance.

The outcome is still unpredictable but ignoring forced government legislation and law seems to be trending in the direction of resistance.  Think I’m wrong?  How many of the 300+ million people in the United States have or signed up for Health Insurance?  To date, two years of promotion (subsidized by YOU) and only 11 million have signed up?

People defy government regulation because it is bad regulation and we are currently free or so we think because ‘we aren’t doing anything wrong’.  Now is the time to vote to change this corrupt and menacing freedom of choice.  For the moment, you have the freedom to do that!

Interview with Kevin Freeman, Author/Advisor for Economic Warfare

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v54I-om8NcI]

Tisha Casida interviews author Kevin Freeman about how individuals and States (using States’ Rights and the Tenth Amendment) can protect themselves from economic warfare and economic terrorism.  The National Security Investment Consultant Institute (NSIC) can train and equip leaders and investment managers for how to protect their community and clients – www.NSIC.org.  Refuse to be motivated by fear and take your life, your finances, and your property and wealth into your own hands.  If the federal level of government and Congress won’t act – let’s have our States and our own families DO SOMETHING about protecting our money from economic warfare and terrorism!

Support to Tisha Casida and the Rebellion.Life

Michal Krajicek

This letter came from one of our wonderful supporters in Europe – thank you Michal for believing in what we are doing!

My name is Michal Krajicek. I am from the Czech Republic. I was born in 1987 in the totalitarian Czechoslovakia, so I am very disappointed, when I see the way in which my country, Europe, and the USA go, especially here in Europe, with our experiences with totalitarian regimes, bureaucracy and a centrally-planned economy.

The governments, I mean also the state officers, have too much power over the people now. The laws are spammed by our parliaments with so many regulations and laws, which are difficult to understand, while our representatives are not able to read and completely understand it all and many of them resign to try it, even then they pass it. What the hell?  How is it possible that they do that?  Why do the people, who elect them in the elections tolerate it?

It is sure, that in this system, there is a lot of space for the corruption and of course, the big international corporations use it for the maximum possible benefits for them.

I see the aggression against the other countries in the name of democracy and security and of course, the results are, that these countries are only destroyed, even our stupid/corrupted politicians do it again and again. Why it is supported or tolerated by the people?

I do not like this at all.

When I was born, I was not free. I do not want to die, when my time comes, with the same status, as I was born – as a slave. I want die as a free man in the freedom country. I believe, that only possible way for it, is that I will live in the country, with small and limited government.

It is easy to say, but difficult to realize. I know, I do not want to be like a politician and try change it by myself. I also do not have the leadership charisma. Fortunately there are some great people, who are defending freedom and they need our help. Of course Ron Paul and Nigel Farage, many others, who are less seen and one special woman named Tisha Casida.

I very much appreciate what all these people do for Freedom, but Tisha Casida has best style. Steve Thompson wrote it absolutely exact when he wrote about Tisha: “Tisha Casida speaks plain, intelligent English for regular people – offering one of the best explanations of our rights and the Constitution without the condescending academic jargon”.  I have followed Tisha since February of 2012, so I know that she has great ideas for projects and events, which are made possible from the money donated from her supporters.  So, since  January of 2014 I donate to her www.Rebellion.Life project every month too.

Some people are maybe now interested, why I support a woman from Colorado, even though I never was in the USA and I live in Europe… why don’t I support somebody local?

I do it, because Tisha, with her unique style is the best inspiration for all people around the World to defend freedom. She has the best style, abilities and effort to explain the principles, which we like. The location is not so important, as much as the explained thoughts, specially today with the Internet, when it can be shared very easy.

If you like Tisha’s Rebellion and want help, please donate, buy her pamphlets or Rebellion gear. Yes, international shipping fees are not nice, but I survive it.

Thank you.

Michal Krajicek

What is Really Going On With Vaccines & Viruses?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtkdxId6dYI?rel=0]

– Tisha Casida

Rather than divide this issue into two factions of thought that have no room for candid and cooperative discussion – how about we put some focus on why this is a big deal and how we can protect the health and well-being of our family and community.

First of all, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Vaccines have not existed for all humankind’s existence, and, diseases – specifically viruses – mutate and change continuously.  The truth is that vaccines have not always existed, and therefore, if they work, at one point in human’s existence, people continued to live (and die) without them.  The truth is that viruses change and have wreaked havoc on human populations for thousands of years, and some would think that the good intent of vaccines is to stop this from happening.

We now live in a relatively free country, that does still ‘allow’ parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their baby.  The argument for individual liberty is that parents have a right to decide how their baby grows up – including their health.  The argument for the commons, is that that un-vaccinated baby can now be a carrier of disease, and affect others with their choice.

Both of these arguments have substance – who would argue against both the individual’s and the community’s well-being?  We now have angry parents of children who have contracted measles from children who are not vaccinated (in some but not all cases), from parents who have chosen a different lifestyle choice.  But if we are going to hurl stones – can we also talk about what is happening with more viruses and more human development?

The fact is, that many countries other than ours have different ‘requirements’ for what happens with vaccinations.  And, as America becomes even more diverse with an arguably more lax and unstructured immigration policy, and as more and more people travel all over the world (and this may not necessarily be a bad thing when we talk about the inefficiencies and bureaucracy saving us from a tyrannical government), we are likely to see a more diverse set of bugs and bacteria enter into the lives of Americans.  This is in fact, a form of evolution.  And, if you are going to try and pigeonhole me into being ‘racist’, please make a note that I am fully aware of the spread of disease from European settlers on indigenous Native American tribes.  This transcends politics – this is human development.

The virus that made me want to bring this up, is “Shingles”.  Why did this virus start to be so popular – it came out of nowhere.  The commercials for the vaccine say that one in three people are going to get this…. and that the virus already is inside of you.  So why has it gained ground and what caused that?  Could it be from exposure to more peoples’ diverse sets of germs?

Before we condemn parents who decide not to vaccinate their children as the culprits of this outbreak, I really think it would be great to have a medical discussion (which I am incapable of having, since I am not in the medical field), about what viruses are and why they mutate, how people from other cultures and countries (which, is what most of us are built of – a combination of heritages) may be affecting the viruses that we are exposed to, and what can we do to prevent sickness and disease beyond vaccinations.  Surely, there are more ways to protect people, including, building healthy immune systems that are exposed to more good bacteria.

As someone who fully celebrates sovereignty – I think people always deserve an “opt out” button of anything that the government proposes, on moral, ethical, and religious grounds.  I also fully sympathize with people who are scared of such profound and un-conforming actions, which may then affect them in ways that they do not like and are uncomfortable.  This is the dance between liberty and community – individual rights and collective rights – personal choice and government mandate.  And there is no black and white answer, other than doing our best to make sure we figure out solutions to protecting the health of ourselves and our loved ones.  Which is entirely possible with peaceful discussion versus violent rhetoric.

Cannabis and the Natural Medicine Revolution

Warning: We are not licensed doctors and we are not approved by any government agency to be able to tell you that anything treats or cures anything.  This is merely an opinion, and we encourage you to break through the big-government and big-pharma matrix to do your own research and learn about positive ways to protect your health.


Many of our medicines are based on plant compounds, including aspirin (from willow), menthol (from mint), and quinine (from the Cinchona tree).  Plants, and medicines made from them, have been an integral part of native and indigenous cultures for thousands of years.  Synthesizing part of the plant to treat sickness and disease, is nothing new to society.

Cannabis, an annual, flowering herb, has several compounds that could be very beneficial to medicine and the treatment of various diseases. The cannabis plant has been used medicinally for over three thousand years.  In Colorado, where medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is now “legal”, we can use this openness and opportunity to explore more about this particular plant’s medicinal effects.

Cannabis plants can be processed into oils and other compounds – which can then be used without having to smoke and inhale smoke to be able to ingest the beneficial parts of the cannabis plant.

“Glandular trichomes” on the plant contain cannabinoids (CBD) that are non-psychoactive. Cannabinoids have the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body and are also potentially anti-psychotic.  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the component that can make people feel “high” and CBD are being researched in different ratios for treatment of various ailments.

Cannabis has been used to treat nausea, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, and is being researched to treat other illnesses – both physical and mental.  It is completely natural, with no known side-effects, and no reported overdoses or deaths from the medicinal use of this plant.  This is something to consider, and remember… why on earth would our government make it illegal to use this plant for the treatment of sickness and disease?

What is interesting about the cannabinoids in cannabis, is that human beings are actually pre-wired through our Endocannabinoid System to use compounds in cannabis to heal.  What is truly exciting about using cannabis to treat cancer, is that it appears that these treatments target only the cancerous and sick cells, and have no negative effects on healthy cells.  So, unlike traditional Western treatments for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation) – that kill almost everything and make the patient feel very sick, perhaps treatment(s) with cannabis could prove to target only the cancer.

In our THC Feed, we will continue to explore the research and success stories of using this plant to treat sickness and disease. We will also work with local and State officials to make sure we protect our Medicine Freedom – our natural right to use natural medicines.

This article is from our Friends – Advocates for Food and Medicine Freedom at That’s Natural!  You can learn more about cannabidiol (CBD) at www.cbdoil.life!

Interview with Joel Salatin, Farmer & Author

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK7sKYAE4sg?rel=0]


I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms – one of the most well-spoken and actionable people in our country taking a stand against the bad uses of government force.  His book “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal – War Stories from the Local Food Front”, has been a hit with the public, and his bio-dynamic farm in Virginia has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic.  You can listen or download the interview here, or watch the interview on Youtube here!


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