REAL Journalists Don’t Use Adjectives to Create Emotion In You

There is a war on your mind! The “news” “media” is really mostly ALL propaganda – meant to lead you down a path of emotion so that you act irrationally in the favor of big business. FEAR is the driver! It is EASY to spot!

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Dear next generation – you can change this! Real journalism presents facts without emotion, adjectives and opinion and allows for viewers and listeners to use their OWN consciousness to make decisions! Join Tisha’s peaceful rebellion at, Parler @tishatcasida


Sunday, November 22, 2020 – enjoying a Sunday drive from Asssspen where the beer flows like wine. My music is interrupted with the same siren as the “Emergency Broadcasting System” alerts for weather and Amber alerts. It is for… “This region is at severe risk from deadly COVID. Use caution.”.


DO YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Every day – news headlines, social media posts, alerts on our phones – DEATH DEATH DEATH. It is not even just COVID anymore – now it is DEADLY COVID (which all viruses ARE deadly…. and guess what… you WILL eventually DIE (or rather your body will perish and your spirit will continue in an eternal capacity)).

It is one thing to alert the public about a pandemic… but once you start including adjectives like “deadly” – you are creating propaganda. The TRUTH is that all viruses are deadly, people will die every day, people will die from COVID. This is a fact – but to use death as a fear tactic is for CONTROL. Truth and evidence are one thing – fear-mongering is another. And we are being FEAR-MONGERED.

I plead with you to be smart but to not live in fear. We are all going to die – how do you want to LIVE? Do you want to live under this constant barrage of terror? Or do you want to live with love, peace, and faith in your body, mind and spirit? THIS IS YOUR LIFE – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Fix Is In

We have allowed a real firestorm to creep in that has the potential to destroy what is left of our concept of a Constitutional Republic.

The Election was weird – something hasn’t felt right about the whole thing. I would not have doubted that Joe Biden could win (I mean, personally I didn’t have a CLUE how he could, but I tend to underestimate people’s blindness), but NOW, with the absolute complete and total refusal to acknowledge at least SOME election and voter fraud, now I am pretty sure something real bad is going on.

Suppression of Information By the Press: The main stream media (MSM) all but ignored asking pertinent and tough questions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The pertinent question (that was actually on the minds of the MSM during the primaries) about Hunter Biden’s relationship to China (among other countries). Then, any concern with this DISAPPEARED once a laptop of Hunter Biden’s was found with potentially incriminating information. Why? Joe Biden’s net worth increased significantly in that past couple of years… is this the pay-grade for “public servants”?

Suppression of Information By Social Media Giants: The President has been censored, conservative voices have been censored, and any information about either COVID or the election that does not fit with the main stream narrative is either completely deleted, suppressed, or fit with warnings about the content.

Suppression of Information By Google: Google is the main search engine platform, probably for the world, and it is obvious that search engine results determine the likelihood of something being seen. What if Google is consciously (and I use that term loosely) hiding information about conservative thought that goes against the narrative that is being painted by the main media and “news” platforms that are available to the people? Think about the power and control! Just recently

Psychological Warfare – Apple News Et Al.: Just look at the headlines, look at how things are worded. There is no longer journalism – it is basically ALL propaganda. There’s not information, there are threats and adjectives galore detailing emotions and feelings but not necessarily facts. This is a war on your mind and spirit. For months we have been told about how deadly and dangerous the coronavirus is – this is being used to strip people of their liberty and beat them down into submission. It is very negative, it is constant, and it is meant to disarm people into becoming slaves, being willing to be vaccinated at random, and possibly worse.

Voter Fraud and Election Fraud: Google “Dominion” and you will see a slew of headlines telling you that there is NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD. Look at each search result. There is ALWAYS voter fraud, that is a fact. To say there is NO EVIDENCE is a lie. So what if it doesn’t change the outcome of the election, to say it doesn’t matter is absurd – of course it should matter! Why would you do this? It is to control the narrative. Research for yourself what is going on (Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania) – this is a threat to all free people – here in the United States and the World. The truth exists but it is being hidden by the nefarious forces at play.

Compromised CIA, FBI, DOJ: If we were even able to prove or voice concerns over any of the above – what does it matter if the people who are charged with enforcing the law are corrupt in themselves? What if they are the ones who are doing the censoring, the suppression of evidence, the fraudulent voting software? THEN what do we do?

Now we have a public who is uninformed at best and completely hypnotized at worst. Americans are beaten down emotionally and physically from the on-going threats of COVID. Now we are combating a system that has rigged an outcome of an election that if ‘certified’ and believed to be TRUE, then our system will be destroyed as we know it. And there may be no way to fix this, and if that is the case we will have to find alternative solutions to preserving liberty and the tenets of our Constitution.

What will happen? The clock is ticking…

The Intolerant Left – Letter to the Editor Aspen Times

This was published in the Aspen Times.

I consider myself a very liberal person.  I like to know what people are thinking, I like to let people finish what they have to say, I like to ponder different opinions – even if they make me uncomfortable. Because… just because I don’t like or don’t AGREE with something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real and it doesn’t make it go away.  Life is about facing reality, even if it is ugly, which it is most of the time.

I noticed at the Eagle County building, and around the Willits area, that if there were ANY Trump signs or anti-Biden signs put up, that they were immediately GONE. Hundreds of democratic signs – but as soon as one went up for Trump/Pence – it was discarded within hours.

To the intolerant people that did this, that consider themselves “left”, “progressive”, and/or “liberal” – I have news for you – you are a coward.  I hope that the karmic repercussions for your intolerance and childishness come to haunt you.  It is unfair and unjust to not allow for freedom of expression. Period.  If you are worried about a Trump presidency causing harm to the country, I would suggest looking at yourself and the harm you are causing your fellow community members by destroying their property.  You may not like it, but it doesn’t give you a right to try to stop it. Your actions illustrate EXACTLY why people are afraid of being honest, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. 

This is the most autocratic liberal bastion in the country – and I as a liberal person who loves my community and country find it very sad.


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