It Is Not Normal or Natural to Be Euphoric About Vaccinations

This is the first time, I believe, in human history where there is a FULL OUT marketing campaign to get people lined up taking a shot for a virus with a 98%+ (99%+ in most cases) survival rate.

And it is not just weird, but horrifying. Why aren’t we asking more questions about the LONG-TERM side-effects that have NOT been studied because this stuff they are pumping into your body has simply not been around long enough? What if we don’t even see the side-effects in THIS generation, what if the mRNA changes in your body are passed down to your unborn children?

Officials and industry leaders are actually “euphoric” about the vaccine – why? Why when getting the vaccine creates the SAME immune response as your natural immune system responding – except with a slew of unknown side-effects? Why isn’t there more of a cry for “science” and “research”. Well, we all know why – this is propaganda and a campaign to get people shots. Period. It isn’t about building health or immunity. I believe it is even more nefarious than billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies.

My Plea to Pleiades… please angels help us on Earth to find some love, peace, common sense, and TRUE HEALING.



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