April 22, 2010 Rebellion!

Voices Being Heard

It is easy to feel like no one is listening.  It is also easy to miss stories that are blatantly ignored by media sources.  While it is impossible to cover everything, here at The Good American Post we are focused on educating our readership about liberty and free markets while promoting businesses and organizations that are a part of our economy.

From Colorado, because of the activeness of concerned people and patriots, the Voter Fraud Enhancement Bill, has been stopped from going any further this session.

Read more at our Good American Post-Colorado Blog: http://gapcolorado.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/hello-world/

And visit the 9-12 Patriots in Southern Colorado, who are doing a great job of strengthening voices for liberty: http://9-12pikespeakpatriots.ning.com

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