April 27, 2010 Rebellion!

Happy Meal Ban – Where is Responsibility?

In Santa Clara County, California, retailers will not be able to give away toys in their kids’ meals.  This is in response to an effort to curb childhood obesity.

This is ludicrous (so many instances now where I can use that word and not be sarcastic), as government-intervention into consumer-choice is dangerous at any level.

This is one step away from having the government mandate what your kids have to eat – oh wait – it is already near-impossible to get nutritious meals into our public education system.

If we are having problems with childhood obesity it is up to the parents/guardians to step up to the plate and make better and healthier choices, this is a little thing I call “responsibility”.

Tired of losing liberties and the free market?  Read The Good American Post, and start making decisions to support and promote positive change.

– Tisha Casida

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