May 7, 2010 Rebellion!

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

This particular Act raises questions about the true safety and security of our food system.  There are continuously recalls of various food products: lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, peanut butter, ground beef, etc.  However, instead of focusing on mitigating the problem, perhaps we should look at what is causing this problem in the first place (for example, an extremely large, unsafe, and unsustainable food system).

1.  S. 510 will subject small, local food providers to the same broad federal regulatory oversight that is required by large multinational corporations (for most small businesses this kind of red tape will put them out of business).  MOST dangerous outbreaks of food-related illnesses come from large corporations – NOT small family farms.  More regulations mean more cash-out-flow for small farms, and this will put small, local companies out of business.  That is the last thing that we want – our LOCAL, sustainable suppliers to not able to grow food for our local communities.

2 Adding regulations, record-keeping obligations and risk-based preventative controls (i.e. HACCP), will present a burden to small producers that will  hurt their cash-flows and operations.  The less people we have locally growing food, the more expensive, unsafe, and unsustainable our food supply will be.

3. The USDA serves a very important purpose with small farms and provide many useful and beneficial services.  Having the FDA involved with small-farms and local food systems is adding another level of bureaucracy and red tape to an industry that is already struggling.

4. Food safety and security means  a diversified, vibrant local food system served by local producers and community members.  KNOW YOUR FARMER – that, my friends, is food safety and security.

Read the Bill, Know What’s In It, and if you Support Family Farmers – Call Your Senators and Tell Them To Not Approve This!

Read the Bill HERE.

– Joni Cave

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  1. Nick

    After all of the other Big Business/Big Government “screw the little guy” laws that have been passed before it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Big Agriculture doesn’t want competition from a movement that could cost them anything.

    • Nick: We share in your sentiments, but are trying to find ways to compete as much as we can with the obstacles that we face (as small businesses and small producers). Hopefully, as we continue to educate and market to folks, we will see more and more support from consumers, which can beat out anything, as long as we have a free market to operate in. Here’s to the fight! – Tisha Casida

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