September 23, 2009 Rebellion!

Atlas Shrugged & Culture of Corruption, Part 1

Could a small business owner find solace in prophecy and watch-dog journalism?

Originally I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up the book Democracy, The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.  I just happen to see Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and picked it up.  Since they were out of my original choice, the latter was my purchase, and I was off to start the thickest book that I have read in, I think, all my life.

This isn’t a book review in the “normal” modus operandi of book reviews.  Instead, this is a column dedicated to looking at books, passages, research, and journalism, to put together some pieces of what I see as the falling and/or rising of systems in place.  Economic systems, political systems, social systems, justice systems, etc.

If we can take the massive amounts of information available to us, look at it with un-biased understanding of how it affects us, and then decide upon the actions that need to take place and do something, then we have succeeded as members of this system that we call a society.  And although that is a complex process that has gone on for hundred, thousands, or maybe millions of years, it is something that we consistently revisit as human beings.

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  1. My brother gave my oldest son a copy of “Atlas Shrugged” for Christmas one year and then was amazed when I commented I had never read it.
    I read it – my son did his spring monologue for Drama Class utilizing a passage.
    I believe it should be required reading – – It examines where our true worth lies – in passion, creativity and effort.
    I did find it interesting that one or more passages in the book refer to how nothing is ever ‘non-profit’ that everything done contributes to Someone’s Profit, else it would not be done AND at the end, this updated version had the information for the Ayn Rand Association – A Non-Profit……I mean, really, did someone miss something? LOL

  2. Very good points about required reading! I completely agree, it is a wonderful showcase of what can happen when people don’t take responsibility for themselves! And YES – EVERYTHING is for someone’s profit, because we all need incentives to exist! Thank you for your insights!

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