June 6, 2010 Rebellion!

More Reasons to KNOW YOUR FARMER

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In an article from Bloomberg, producers are accusing and filing suit against Dean Foods (Dallas, Texas) and the Dairy Farmers of America (Kansas City, Missouri) for suppressing milk prices through controlling market access.

The economics behind this may or may not be complex, depending upon one’s political and social perspective.  So instead of arguing who is right or wrong (which will play out in court), let’s figure out how we can positively affect milk-companies that are producing a high-quality, safe, and nutritious product.

Here is one way – purchase milk shares from a local producer.  Have you researched if there is a dairy in your city/county?  Do you know if it is possible (or legal in the case of raw/unpasteurized milk) to purchase your milk and dairy products from someone locally?  Find Out!

Free-markets, which The Good American Post stands behind, are markets where consumers have access to information regarding what they are purchasing, and therefore can make an honest and informed judgment about what to purchase.

So, now you have some knowledge – KNOW YOUR FARMER, know who is raising those cows or goats that create your dairy products, and support the people who are making an honest living by providing a product you can feel good drinking and giving to your family.

– Joseph Poder

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  1. Tamrah Jo Ortiz

    Currently, in Colorado, raw milk (which has a host of health benefits!) is available through cow or goat shares. Basically, you purchase a ‘share’ of the cow/goat, (usually between $20 – $35 dollars), then pay a ‘boarding fee’ each month (again, between $20-$35) and in return, you get your ‘dividends’ in the form of a gallon or so of milk each week. The benefits of this arrangements are huge for all; it gives the dairy owners a steady stream of income and allows them to charge a fair price for their delicious and nutritious products – (instead of selling bulk to big business for 19 cents a gallon!) – it provides the customer with the benefits of wonderfully nutritious dairy products in a cost-effective manner. To learn more, you can read about benefits and find providers at: http://www.realmilk.com/

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