June 7, 2010 Rebellion!

Time for NEW MEDIA

With the sudden and somewhat unexpected news of the retirement of Helen Thomas, considered the “dean of the White House press corps”(2010), we can reflect on the concept that journalism as we know it is changing.  Not to say that this particular event is good or bad, but to remember that an era and a country are changing, and that the media, the press, and the journalists are at the forefront of how our country will continue to be shaped.

This brings our attention to another issue – the FTC working paper on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”.  We here at The Good American Post advocate for journalism that is embraced and enhanced by the free market – not by government grants, subsidies, and taxes (which can artificially create incentives or behaviors).  READ THE FTC DISCUSSION DRAFT and oppose any action on behalf of the FTC that may impede free speech as we know it.

It is time for new media – it is time for our country to stand up and stand tall for journalism that is based on the free market by people who are advocates of the truth, presenting all sides, and being caring Americans.

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