April 29, 2010 Rebellion!

Know Your Farmer! Local Food Systems are Most Sustainable

Family in Field at Sunset

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we become familiar with our local food systems.  We want to encourage everyone to get to know their land, their farmers and producers, and build sustainable networks for communities’ food supply.

In an effort to aid in the process, we will be collecting data from across the nation in an effort to connect the farmer to the consumer.  There are many tremendous resources out there that are doing this, we want to promote those.  There are also many  places that desperately need additional information and education, we want to get that information out to the public.A great resource for Local Food Information and Resources is: Local Harvest.

If you are a farmer, a producer, or a consumer, and are interested in becoming part of our network and helping us to build this system in our communities, please visit: www.goodamericanpost.com and click on the Farm-to-Fork Button.  Or, email us at: goodamericanpost@gmail.com.

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