June 24, 2010 Rebellion!

Downsizing the Federal Government

Do you ever wonder if there are actually solutions to the mess we are in?

We hear a whole lot about the PROBLEM – but what about things we can actually DO?  I think we can all agree that our time would be better spent on positive and productive solutions versus complaining, hate speech, and rhetoric.

So, OF COURSE there are solutions.  This blog – Downsizingthefederalgovernment, as well as the book, Downsizing the Federal Government by Chris Edwards (available on our website for purchase; please purchase there if you so desire as it keeps the lights on), offer a “department by department guide to cutting the federal government”.

The TRUTH is that we can solve a whole lot of our budget problems by eliminating waste and inefficiences.  AND if we have more money in the bank, we can do more productive things in our economy.

Don’t be fooled – there are things we can do RIGHT NOW.  All it takes is a group of concerned citizens willing to stand up and speak up.

– Tisha Casida

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  1. Good take on this Tisha, but, “All it takes is a group of concerned citizens willing to stand up and speak up.” I think there have been many who have stood up over the last 18 months or so. What we have in Congress today is a group of individuals who know they are soon to be out of power and are ramming every Progressive socialist agenda item possible through before they are defeated. This is their chance in history to expand government to the point it will be all but impossible to reduce without real sacrifice from both elected official and citizen alike.
    We have notionalized 3/4 of the auto industry, the banking industry, healh care, the housing industry (Fannie & Freddie now own 90% of all mortgages) and higher education. To rip government from every aspect of our lives will be like ripping a bandage off an open wound. We have no choice be to do it. The question is will enough people be willing to sacrifice the pain of actually cutting spending and taking away services that the government has no business providing to regain individual liberty and freedom. We are no longer engaged in politics, but are facing a federal government that no longer respects or serves the people.

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