April 5, 2014 Rebellion!

Could Mind-Altering Drugs Alter Someone's Mind?

By: Tisha Casida

We are faced again with another incident of a shooting by someone who was taking prescription medication for emotional distress – in this case, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The tragedy at Fort Hood will again bring into the spotlight a myriad of questions about what was the cause and the motive – and what can we do to “stop” this type of incident from ever happening again.

Many people are starting to ask questions about mind-altering prescription medications – and how they may affect different people.  Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of drugs used to treat depression.  In altering the state of the mind, there are many side effects that may be concerning to people who live and work with people who are taking these drugs.

Although modern medicine can be championed for many great contributions to mental health – that doesn’t mean that it is above reproach, and at least a healthy questioning, about how to potentially deal with negative side effects – especially when it comes to our youth and to our military personnel.

“Mild degree of mania”, “agitation”, “racing thoughts, feeling extreme happiness or irritability” – are all stated side-effects for Zoloft, Paxil, and Luvox.  How could these emotions and feelings affect a young person with racing hormones or military personnel that has served overseas and seen horrific things?  It could be worse than the original depression that they felt – it could be deadly.

We can be thankful for mental health issues that have had positive effects from these drugs, but we need to question their effects on all people, with other variables that may contribute to side-effects that could end up having that medicated person take other people’s lives.

Mind-altering drugs are capable of altering someone’s mind – and this has repercussions for all of us in the communities, organizations, and institutions where mind-altering drugs are being taken by others.


Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable.  She is chair of the Colorado Blue Republican chapter.

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