November 22, 2013 Rebellion!

Any Liberal Should Be Pissed – Case: Nuclear Option

What’s Good for the Goose is Not Good for the Gander


The Senate using the so-called “Nuclear Option” is a blatant one-finger salute to the American people.  By setting this precedent of making up their own rules to benefit their own party’s agenda – they have hurt everyone, including those that believe in “democracy”, even though the United States is set up as a republic – not a democracy  (democracy DOES destroy the vote and voice of the minority).


Republicans will retaliate – at some point – and this further hurts the American people.  The two corrupt parties who rule the “law” in Washington, D.C. have taken a dangerous step towards eroding what “rule of law” we have next.  Including the ignorance of Constitutional law, that is set up to protect the minority, to protect the individual, and to protect the property-owner – all of which suffer under the Nuclear Option, where Senators have claimed themselves able to re-write the law as they see fit.


Democrats claim to be “liberal” and “progressive”.  Democrats claim to “protect minorities” and protect the people who have a hard time using their voice.  On November 21, 2013, Democrats and the Democratic Party shut the minority up – by abandoning the rule of law.  Anyone who claims themselves to be liberal, should be infuriated.  Republicans would be guilty of the same fatal offense, and most likely will be at some point, to retaliate.  This infighting does nothing for YOU.  It only benefits political parties, that have a stranglehold on all three branches of government.


Today is a very good day to dump your party.  If you believe in either liberalism or conservatism, neither the Democratic or Republican Party are doing anything to further your philosophy.

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