February 25, 2014 Rebellion!

Directing Your Anger at Politician's Use of Extortion

We hear groups screaming at “The President”, the “Republicans”, the “Democrats”, the “Corporations”, the “Unions”, but what if this is exactly what the corrupt elite want?  If you are busy fighting what you think is the enemy, you may be wasting your time and energy, because the enemy may be the very people picking the fights.

Peter Shweizer’s book, Extortion, is a real eye-opener about the “permanent political class” using their position in the Congress or Senate to represent one interest alone – THEIRS.  Many politicians on both sides of the aisle use their ability to write and vote on legislation to raise money that benefits – not any cause or group of people – but their own personal net worth and wealth.

Just imagine if your representative – a Republican or a Democrat – has their office write up a piece of legislation that benefits a certain industry.  Now, that they have this document in hand – they can go to people that both support and oppose this legislation and say “you better contribute to my leadership PAC” otherwise this is going to not pass, or, this legislation is going to pass.  This is called extortion.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are raising money on both sides of an issue.  Who loses?  YOU.  The American people lose.  The copious amounts of legislation being introduced to extort money from individuals, companies, unions, industry groups, and organizations often never pass.  And if they do pass – then the people who wrote these confusing pieces of legislation that are now law, leave the political arena and enter into the consulting industry – where they get paid to navigate the confusing legislation they created.  This is sick.

I tell people to stop screaming at the President, the parties, and these competing special interests and instead focus their anger, time, and money on their representative – their Congressman or Senator – who deserves their anger.  This game of extortion that is being played must stop.

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