September 4, 2013 Rebellion!

The "World" Set a Red Line

President Obama, said, in defending his potential future action to strike Syria, that it was not he who set the “red line” that was crossed.  He said the world set that red line.


I didn’t set it.  I don’t agree with it.  And large numbers of people don’t – is that not part of the World?


Okay, so the “leaders” of countries represent all of their people.  (In America, the President is NOT supposed to be the sole executive leader, but we are moving there fast.)  That would mean, if every country had a leader who agreed with President Obama, that would equate to 196 “leaders” – representing 6.9 billion people.  Very few “leaders” with massive representation can be a very dangerous thing.


The TRUTH is that while we look up at the television or bow our heads to the speakers to hear our leaders speak – it is YOU AND I who are responsible for our thoughts, actions, and destiny.


And the President is NOT MY KING  I do not want more war.  Congress – please take note that the responsibility for any action or inaction lays on your shoulders and you WILL be judged by your actions.  You are supposed to stop tyranny – you are supposed to stop executive rule.  THIS IS YOUR LAST RED LINE TO CROSS!

– Tisha T. Casida

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