January 17, 2013 Rebellion!

You Can’t Stop Violence By Banning Guns

Let’s get one thing straight – this is not about high-powered weapons, this is absolutely about attacking the American people’s right to bear arms. People will say “Why in the world would anybody not in the military need military-type rifles?” The simple answer is – we want to make sure we never have a military that turns on its own people at the executive order of a President, or a command from a military officer. It is a check and balance. Not to mention, when there is economic turmoil and chaos, there are these things called “gangs” that tend to form and assault people and their property. These are cases where being amply armed protects the innocent.


The military is made up of men and women who are the same human beings that make up society. We are equal. If people in the military or police force have access to guns – any type of democratic weapon, like pistols and rifles – then people in society have the right to that same type of access.


For the people who desire peace, who say that banning guns will stop violence, I have three questions for you:


1.) Who is the decider about who has a right to own a gun or not, and is there any opportunity for error in decision-making?

2.) Do you really think any law is going to stop bad people from breaking the law? Isn’t that is why it is called “breaking the law”, it doesn’t matter what laws are made, bad people break laws?

3.) If the President and Congress have armed security guards and can protect their own lives – why can’t I protect my life? Isn’t my life just as valuable as our “representatives”? And aren’t our representatives supposed to protect us? Not just themselves?


I feel for the people who vehemently attack guns with such anger and disgust, when their real anger should be directed to the conditions that make it possible for violence to occur. A heavily armed population actually deters violence – as noted in the very high crime rates in Washington, D.C. where you have to right to protect yourself, versus Arizona, where you have a right to protect yourself and show people that you are able to do so.


It doesn’t matter if the weapon is a pistol, a rifle, a bow and arrow, or a knife – when bad people want to do bad things, no laws stop them. The worst of people we have to fear are governments and the military, as they often already work outside of the Constitution (the law) – therefore, if the government and military have access to high-powered rifles, so do the American people. We are equal. And we must keep one another in check.

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