December 3, 2012 Rebellion!

Being Left High & Dry By The Law

Attempting to legislate away issues is like creating motion-censored bathroom facilities (e.g. toilets, towel dispensers, faucets).

Creating legislation to stop people from engaging activities makes these “smarter-than-thou” politicians automatically feel like they are creating a “safer” environment. For instance, some people believe that outlawing guns will stop crime (does that mean that police officers and politicians also must not carry weapons?). Pretend you believe that – you go walking around town feeling like you are safe because guns are illegal. What if – hypothetically – a criminal still gets a weapon (which they will – remember, the United States was arming criminals in Mexico just recently (Fast & Furious). Now that this criminal is armed, are you glad that you have no way to protect yourself?

This is the same as creating public toilets that flush automatically when you walk away. Sure, you think that they are going to flush, but they are not fool-proof (nothing is), and sometimes your excrement is left. If you want to be sure it flushes, you have to push the button yourself. You have to take responsibility.

Creating legislation that is supposed to solve problems, can create a lot more problems. For example, some people want laws that coerce other people to buy health insurance (first of all, if the economy was better and we could get our monetary policy in check, most people would willingly purchase insurance on their own). The people who want these laws believe that this will solve all of our sick-care problems – if people are paying into corrupt insurance companies (including the government through your taxes) that have in fact hidden the true cost of medical services – then somehow this is going to make us healthier. Will being forced to pay something you can’t afford right now help you take care of your health and well-being?

This is the same as having faucets that the only way to turn on is by wafting your hands underneath at the perfect speed and distance so as to get a flowing stream of water. It is magical – and no one is sure of the exact calculation – sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t – and there is no way to turn it on for oneself. We can’t even attempt to take the responsibility for ourselves because we have no option – that is the same type of choice-scenario that is being discussed with “health-care” – where is my choice to know what medical services cost and pay for them out of pocket?

I believe in taking responsibility for myself, and I am sick and tired of politicians deciding my path for me – whether through legislation, laws on the books, mandates, etc. , it leads to an inefficient experience while trying to “earn a living”. I am not a criminal, and feel I deserve a less intrusive path to “the American dream”.

The same goes for these ridiculously “efficient” and “smart” bathrooms that attempt to think for me and don’t let me push the button – having “others” think for me and decide when the toilet flushes, when the faucet flows, and when the towels dispense, has left me high and dry enough.

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