November 15, 2012 Rebellion!

Meeting with Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor

I had a serendipitous chance to speak with Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor today at lunch, and all I can say is that we, as Coloradans, should be making time to actually sit down and have a conversation with our sheriff. Because it is incredibly informing and powerful.


When I asked Sheriff Taylor if he would be willing to answer a question for me he said, “Yes, that’s my job – I work for you”. He then proceeded to answer more questions and explain many of his challenges and hurdles as a Sheriff and what is so important for us, as citizens to understand – that, “it’s complicated”. And it is – and when the executive power of the county has the gumption and willingness to be honest about those challenges – it is informing and powerful. It is exactly the discussion we need to be having.


Sheriff Taylor expressed his willingness to sit down and speak with me again, and his willingness to speak to any citizen in Pueblo County. I asked about Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and he explained his support for the El Paso County resolution, but also expressed the fact that although this resolution expresses the position of the County, that the interpretation and enforcement coming from administrative agencies within the federal government can be quite complex.


What’s the solution? Take time to get to know your Sheriff. I was in awe of the fact that Sheriff Taylor sat down next to our table and spent his entire lunch answering my questions and expressing his desire to be a representative to all of the people of Pueblo County (not just Republicans, not just Democrats). I was impressed, and now have a much better grasp of some of the inherent issues for our Sheriff, and how down the road we can work harder as a community to solve these issues with our popularly-elected executor, Sheriff Kirk Taylor.

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