August 6, 2012 Rebellion!

Legislation Doesn’t Really “Help” Us

Please unplug from the matrix – your representatives in Congress don’t necessarily know what they are doing and can’t necessarily help you.  Please let me illustrate.

Right now, in the 112th Session of Congress – there are:

3,402 Bills in the Senate
6,140 Bills in the House
523 Resolutions in the Senate
734 Resolutions in the House
51 Concurrent Resolutions in the Senate
133 Concurrent Resolutions in the House
47 Joint Resolutions in the Senate
114 Joint Resolutions in the House

Assuming that each of these pieces of legislation (that become law – which affects the justice of our Constitutional Republic, and the individual rights of the sovereign State citizens within the united States of America) is 10 pages long – that would equate to a total of 111,440 (11,144 x 10) pages of text that our representatives must read in order to know the laws and resolutions (not to mention treaties, which are not mentioned here) being proposed and enacted that affect our individual rights, sovereignty, and ability to create wealth and protect our property rights.

Rewind – only a small percentage of bills are ever passed through designated committees, and an even smaller amount of bills are passed by the House, and an even smaller number of bills are passed by the Senate.  So why are our representatives spending so much time on writing bills that don’t pass?  Well, it is to tell you about what they are doing – which is in effect – nothing.  They are doing nothing more than creating a façade about what they say they support – it comes down to the fact that very little of this ever helps any of us as individuals, small business owners, and anyone who is trying to actually “survive” and “make a living”.

It is a lie – and we must unplug from it.  There is absolutely no piece of legislation that will help you or a ‘special interest’ that you have, for that matter.  The only thing that can help us is being able to act in freedom and move regulatory functions that are inefficient at the federal level, down to the States and even into the Counties of those States where we are closer to our representation.  This is where we can hold our elected officials accountable, and not support this atrocious waste of time and taxpayer money creating hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that do nothing to get us out of our economic recession.  We have the power – we find it by unplugging from this matrix.

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