July 26, 2012 Rebellion!

AK-47’s For Soldiers – If the United States is a Battleground, Then I Am a Soldier

President Obama stated that AK-47’s are for soldiers – “I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals”.  Most likely, this comment was made in an effort to turn the conversation to not the “ban of guns” – which is highly controversial, but to the “ban of high-powered guns”. And of course, this is how all rights are whittled away – and how you start to lose your freedom.

My heart hurts for innocent lives that are lost at the use of a gun. My heart hurts for innocent lives lost because of toxins in the environment and lack of access to nutritional foods. My heart also hurts for innocent lives lost because they cannot protect themselves – if you look at our foreign policy – for decades we have attempted to decide who to “arm” in other countries, and then see the devastating effects of that. The lives being taken in Syria are because those innocent people have no way to protect themselves – the United States decides who to arm, but it does not necessarily arm the innocent people who would need to protect themselves when “the bad guys” come to hurt or kill them.

People die every day. Although you cannot stop criminals from having access to weapons, you can protect citizens by allowing them to protect themselves. That is the 2nd Amendment. It is the only way to save lives – to allow people to protect themselves. Bans on guns increase crime and violence.

Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, the United States is now considered a battleground. Since this is the case, I have decided that I am a soldier. If my country is a battleground, and since it is impossible for any law enforcement or military to protect me at all times from all threats, I myself am a soldier – and therefore – should always have access to guns – of any model. I am not a criminal, but I know criminals can get weapons of all types, so I am a soldier, here to protect my own individual liberties.

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