March 5, 2012 Rebellion!

Natural Rights Vs. Legal Rights

What is the difference between natural rights and legal rights? Natural rights require no “law” to interpret – these are unalienable rights – like the right to life, to consume foods and products that one desires, and the right to protect one’s body and one’s property. Legal rights are those so deemed by various “legal” or “political” entities with a vested interest in what is best for the people living within that system – or so we would hope.


What happens when legal rights start to infringe upon natural rights? As you can see throughout history – the people living under legal rights that encroach upon their unalienable natural rights as humans – eventually stand up for themselves and revolt (peacefully and otherwise) against the legal system that is constraining their free actions as humans. Whether it is has been slavery, economic oppression, or disgusting acts killing millions of people because of their identity – the people who live under legal and political systems that take away humans’ basic natural rights – must try to stand up for themselves.


An interesting phenomena taking stage for the American people is this focus on food and substance issues at the federal level of government – e.g. food regulation and marijuana use – both of which are natural rights for the human being – the right to decide what to put into one’s body. It is our natural right to decide for ourselves what to consume and how to consume such. It is our natural right to make these choices for ourselves without the heavy hand of legal or political entities dictating how and when we consume such. The recent “regulation” of salt, sugar, raw milk, etc., as well as the relentless war against a plant that has not one proven death from overdose – is such a waste of time and focus for the American people who should be concentrating on the economic disaster at hand.


I would like to argue that the ability to create exchanges between one another – either as labor or as products – is a part of our natural rights. This ability to create exchanges amongst our communities is the basis for all civilization and therefore a natural right. Our current debt-monetary-system enslaves anyone who participates, as the fiat money supply (our Federal Reserve Notes) – is nothing but promises upon promises to pay banks back. Our “money” is nothing of substance or value – it is only debt. Therefore, the nature of winners and losers is created by elite, private, self-proclaimed authorities who control the value of the interest and the rate of the inflation. If we really want to be free – we must opt out of this system.


There are ways to do this, and I have been able to find several across the nation. The whole concept of exchange allows for individuals and communities to build and grow – the basis of all of this is the value of our labor.

Colorado Mountain Hours :

Ithaca Hours (New York): and

River Hours (Oregon) :

Madison Hours (Wisconsin) :



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