February 6, 2012 Rebellion!

Veteran for Ron Paul – Speech at Colorado Caucus

This speech is from one of our team members who went out and rallied for Dr. Paul the other night at the caucus in Colorado.  We thought you would enjoy reading his simple and eloquent case for freedom.


Thank you for coming out tonight.

I’m a Marine Corps veteran. I served in the Kowst region of Afghanistan from 2004-2005. I’m here to tell you why the troops and myself support Dr. Paul…. Why 81% of all military contributions go to Dr. Paul. That is 4 times more support from the US military personnel than all the other candidates combined….. In fact his top 3 campaign contributors are the US Army, US Air force, and the US Navy. This is a stark contrast to the top supporters of the other candidates which consist mainly of wall street and their banks.


1 month after the attacks of 9-11 I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I held my hand up and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution… This is the same oath that brings me here tonight…. All military personnel have taken this oath including Dr. Paul as a flight surgeon in the US air force…. We have pledged our very lives in the defense and preservation of the Constitution and Liberty. The principle of liberty is what makes our country great, prosperous, and unique…. Dr. Paul not only understands and upholds the Constitution, He has fervently fought against big government in the defense of liberty every time its been threatened.. even when it has not been popular to do so….. He has shown an unwavering commitment to take the establishment head on in the defense of freedom. This is what earns him the respect of the fighting men and woman in the US Military. He is the champion of the constitution. He is truly a patriot and he is undoubtedly the Military’s choice for their commander in Chief.

However the biggest threat to our way of life is not to be found in the sands of far off lands but it is in the economic realities of our national debt… We now sit at a cross roads… America’s GDP is now equal to that of our National Debt. This is the tipping point…. In other words the Federal Government Owes more than We the People produce.. This is not only unsustainable but horribly irresponsible.

It was Dr. Paul’s economical foresight that got him into politics. In 1971 the government completely delinked the dollar from gold. Ron Paul warned that this would inevitably lead to out of control spending and an unaccountable government. Ron Paul was right… However this is not his only Prediction that has come to pass… He in great detail warned us of a housing bubble going back as far as 2001. Other Candidates collected 1.6 million dollars from Freddie mac, and told us how great everything was. Ron Paul also predicted the dot com bubble in 2000… We the people have been asking for someone who understands economics. We have that in Dr. Paul.

Not only does he have the economic insight so badly needed at this time in our nations history, he also has the answers… Ron Paul is the only candidate who has purposed any budget cuts let alone 1 trillion dollars in the 1rst year. He voted against Tarp and against every Bailout every time, Regardless of who has proposed it. While some candidates give lip service to fiscal sanity there actions certainly speak louder than words. Unlike others running Ron Paul has never voted for raising the debt ceiling, knowing that this is just political irresponsibility that translates into more spending. Just as Ron Paul has never voted to raise the debt ceiling he has also never voted for a tax increase. If those aren’t enough examples to his testament of fiscal responsibility please note he is the only member of congress who not only returns a portion of his congressional budget to the US treasury EVERY year, but he has also opted out of the lucrative congressional pension. And as President of these United States Dr Paul has vowed to take in no more than the average American income of 39,000 dollars. The Bottom Line is Ron Paul cant be bought and he has never sold us out. There is no other candidate in the running who has consistently fought for We the people our economy and Our Constitution.

Dr. Paul has truly earned my vote as well as my respect. I hope that he will have earned yours as well.

If you believe in the strict adherence to the Constitution as much as I do I would love to have you stick around and vote for me as a delegate. Thank you for your time.



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