February 1, 2012 Rebellion!

I Am The Militia

At one point in time I actually thought that the militia was an underground organized group of people who were ready and poised to protect and defend their families, their communities, and their country. Now I realize that there is (in addition to this) a public, unorganized group of people who may not really know their responsibilities to protect their life, liberty, and property, but may just be willing to do that if push comes to shove.

For all of us, there is a line in the sand that eventually gets crossed and we have to decide whether to submit, or to fight back. It can be for different reasons (foreclosure, I.R.S., drinking raw milk, smoking marijuana, carrying a gun, carrying a Constitution, planting a garden), but at some point, good and honest people decide to stand up for themselves and their families. Because we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Militia – is you and I. The Army and the Navy – both mentioned in the Constitution, are separate entities from the Militia (funding and use of Armies and Navies limited to two years if I may add). The second amendment calls for a “well regulated Militia, being necessary for a free State”. In Article I, Section 8, the Congress actually has the power and duty to “provide for the organizing, arming, and disciplining [of] the Militia” (U.S. Constitution). That means that Congress is actually supposed to make sure that you and I are armed and trained to protect our liberties. But I will settle on the idea that they will just let us do our own arming and training, I won’t make them spend taxpayer money on my weapon of choice.

I am the militia. I don’t necessarily know anyone else in this militia, but I do know that everyone that I interact with is in fact some part of the Militia, who are supposed to defend these individual, civil liberties. And although some of these people call themselves Republicans and some call themselves Democrats, and some call themselves Christians, and some call themselves Atheists or Agnostics, that none of this really matters. If someone attempts to take the life of someone else – I, as part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. If someone attempts to kidnap someone else – I am part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. At some point, 911 doesn’t work to prevent or stop crime – but I can, and you can, and we can. We are the American people. We are the militia.

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