January 22, 2012 Rebellion!

Mandatory Vaccinations for the Greater Good of Society

It does not matter if our mandatory vaccinations hurt, deform, impair or kills your child. The reason it doesn’t matter is that your child is sacrificing their health or their life is for the greater good of society that will benefit from this vaccine.

Do you think this sounds extreme? Let me show you an excerpt from the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics.


“If progression of promising vaccines from the lab to the clinic is to remain unaffected and financial inducement is an ethically unacceptable solution to the recruitment shortage, other strategies need to be considered. Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies is one alternative solution that is not as outlandish as it might seem on first consideration. Many societies already mandate that citizens undertake activities for the good of society; in several European countries registration for organ-donation has switched from “opt-in” (the current U.S. system) to “opt-out” systems (in which those who do not specifically register as nondonors are presumed to consent to donation) [10], and most societies expect citizens to undertake jury service when called upon. In these examples, the risks or inconvenience to an individual are usually limited and minor. Mandatory involvement in vaccine trials is therefore perhaps more akin to military conscription, a policy operating today in 66 countries. In both conscription and obligatory trial participation, individuals have little or no choice regarding involvement and face inherent risks over which they have no control, all for the greater good of society.”


So, they have a shortage of citizens who are willing to roll up their sleeve to get a shot full of something that the citizens have no idea what effects it will have, so “the professionals” are considering “COMPULSORY INVOLVEMENT that works like MILITARY CONSCRPTION”? Really? I don’t think so – there is no way you (whoever you are writing and participating in this ludicrous discussion) will EVER make a vaccine mandatory, for myself and especially for any child that is under my care. You can have your vaccinations, but I will CHOOSE if I am taking them, and I will CHOOSE for that child if they are taking them. And if you plan on attempting to stick me with your toxic substance, as my good friend and mentor Michael Badnarik said, “you bring the syringe, I’ll bring my .45, and we’ll see who makes a bigger hole”. Not gonna happen.

I would say this is “out of control” but that would be giving these people way too much credit. They can write about what they are going to do all day long, I want to see them try and enforce it, because if I know my community, and if I know the American people, we will put a stop to this before it ever becomes an actual issue.


We have “professional”, “publically-funded” think-tanks and organizations coming up with this stuff, and it is time we realize that there are no professionals that can make choices for what we put in and on our bodies. Humans have existed for quite awhile without the atrocious and heavy hand of government mandating to them what they need to do to be healthy, and it has worked out quite well. We are going to get back to a system of common sense and integrity. The American people will not have a conscription process for mandatory vaccines on my watch.


Thank you to the good folks at Freedom Link Radio for sending us this link!




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