November 27, 2011 Rebellion!

A Proof For Liberty, Individual Responsibility – Ditch Your Party

After some candid discussions and exchanges, I thought it pertinent to write a quick proof of the hypocrisy at hand in an effort to educate those willing to listen to reason (versus rhetoric) about the fight for liberty.

It has been said by multiple people and multiple organizations that the key to ending the corruption in Washington, D.C. is to “get them all out”, “uproot the system”, and “vote in new representatives”.

It has also been illustrated that the two major parties, are working together to maintain the levels of corruption and secrecy necessary to be able to continue to create economic slaves of the American people.

Political parties are groups of people colluding for a special interest – the thought is that by joining these parties, that a group is more powerful to be able to create the desired result.  This is in essence, the concept of a democracy.

A constitutional republic has one goal – to protect the rights of the individual.  Which means no special interest or the desired result of any group, could be used as a force.  This would include the special interest and desired results of a lobbying effort, a faction of extremists, a multi-national corporation, a banking cartel, or a political party.

Political parties as machines for ending corruption are impossible because political parties, or any collusion of interests are in fact the machines that cause corruption in our system in the first place.

Therefore, for anyone saying that to “beat the system” we have to work “within the system” of a political party are voiding the very logic of their initial premise.

That’s not to say we should not have political parties, and have groups of people who get together to voice their cause, that is a healthy American thing to do. What I am saying is that you cannot use a political party as a machine to protect liberty, because liberty means standing as individuals.  Individual responsibility means being able to work and operate as an individual – including when it comes to electing representatives and voting for someone.  We should not need a political party to tell us what to do, because these political parties have a tendency to collude interests (democracy) and only serve the interests of those at the top of the party.

Want to “beat the system”?  Get out of it.  It is not working for YOU, the individual.

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