October 29, 2011 Rebellion!

The Merging of Green and Tea – People Over Party

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The blue and red pills that have shaped our country are causing Tea Party groups, the Occupy movement, and more and more self-professed Independents to step away from party lines and start moving towards the concept of “common sense”.  Or, as discussed in Richard Maybury’s Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?, moving towards a place of economic liberty and social liberty.  Which was, in essence, what several of our Founding Fathers had intended.


An article entitled Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change?


by Robin Koerner states, “Except for a few at the extremes, no one is saying that the State or corporations are always and inherently evil. The problem, rather, is with what they have been allowed to become.”  Can’t we agree on that?  Not all government is bad and not all “big” businesses are bad – but it is corrupt people, with large amounts of power, which are bad.


Nine items that both sides of the proverbial political aisle can agree on, eloquently explained by Koerner, include:


1. The Federal Reserve System is not benefitting the people of this country and should be eliminated.

2.  We need to end the revolving door between businesses, industry, and government officials (if officials are or have been associated with companies that could benefit from government funding – do not allow them to participate).

3. You should be able to create wealth from hard work, taking risk, and saving money – not from means like fractional reserve banking.

4. Privatizing profits and socializing losses are bad business and bad policy.

5. Wars that are not in self-defense are bad and dangerous.

6. If we engage in military activity there must be a direct correlation in how it will make us safer.

7. We should utilize and embrace the Bill of Rights.

8. Never ever should you be punished for telling the TRUTH (e.g. the “Patriot” act).

9. If a government program is not producing any of its intended benefits, then it should be eliminated.

Amazingly enough, these are the core issues that are affecting our monetary system and quality of life.  In 2012 let’s agree on these issues, and then “hire” elected representatives to do their job and actually focus on getting things done to tackle these.  By doing this we will start to change this paradigm of needing the “right or the left” to do it for us.  We – the people – are supposed to do this, and we must elect representatives that actually represent the interests of the people.  Not the party.

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