June 4, 2011 Rebellion!

Down to Brass Tacks

Because I am in the publishing industry, I listen to people talk – as consumers, clients, news-reporters, etc.

Yeah, the economy is slowing, the numbers look dismal, and unemployment is definitely up – that being said, I walk around town and watch thousands of people driving around, like nothing is really wrong.

What to believe?  I don’t know, but I can tell you this – our federal government needs to get down to business about what is causing the most problems for average Americans (not for big-businesses, not for big-government).  Our MONETARY POLICY is the problem.  Monetary policy – WHO CONTROLS THE MONEY SUPPLY – is what is causing the fluctuations and unsustainable behaviors in the economy.  Quantitative easing is just a word to make complete destruction sound like a nice thing.

We need to get down to brass tacks – neither Republicans or Democrats at the federal level (minus a select few) are shouting at the top of their lungs that our biggest problem is the monetary policy engaged in between Congress and the Federal Reserve.

If we focus on the VALUE of our DOLLAR (which is different than a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE which is in your pocket right now), we can see that we are ALL being bankrupted by the system as it stands now.  We need money that allows us to build and create wealth, not fiat currency that doesn’t mean anything when in our pockets, under our mattresses, and in our banks.

Sound radical?  You bet it is – the base of the word radical means to “go back to one’s roots” by the way.  (Want to know what is REALLY “radical”?  The fact that we are over 14 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT – UNBELIEVABLE).   Thomas Jefferson would want us to get to the heart of our problem and fix it – our labor is taxed, our money is legal tender – we don’t have control over our property or our earnings – how can we fix that?

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