January 11, 2015 Rebellion!

With All the Added Security – What Do Failures Tell Us?

One of the most haunting things coming out of the turmoil in France is the fact that despite huge amounts of “security” and investments in “intelligence”, it still continues to be impossible to prevent terror attacks.  There are lapses in how intelligence is used, and there are always ways for humans to overlook and be erroneous in their judgements and actions.

Sadly, the only way to ensure no terror on planet Earth is to kill all humankind – not a great option in my opinion.  You see, there will always be people who seek to cause fear and terror.

How do we really, actually, successfully combat terror?  First of all, I think that our federal government could get a lesson in practicing the “non-aggression principle” and stop bombing and killing innocent people in the world in the name of “security”.  Our country’s meddling in world affairs could very well be causing some anger and hatred (“blowback”) of our foreign policy.  If people have not hurt our country, then we should leave them alone.  Of course, this is a mess with our ties to various resources around the world. But we can at least discuss the theory.

All of the “security” in the world – all of the “intelligence” in the world – both which generally erode the individual and creative rights of the people who live peacefully – will never stop terror attacks.  There must be ways to have a more effective foreign policy.  There must be ways to protect individuals’ rights in our own country and around the world.

Refuse to be motivated by fear, and be secure in your sovereignty.  By standing up for yourself – you stand up for freedom in the world.

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