February 28, 2015 Rebellion!

Homeland Security Seizes Land Rovers – Are You Guilty By Association?

Punished by Association

Even if YOU aren’t doing something wrong, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be punished!

Homeland Security is seizing old Land Rovers – adorned in armor and acting in pre-dawn raids on innocent civilians (what a great use of taxpayer money!), people who are supposed to be protecting Americans from terror are actually terrorizing owners of imported vehicles.

The impetus was that supposedly that these vehicles were illegally imported at one point in their history, but, for the people who purchased them “legally”, they are now out of a vehicle and their investment, thanks to the federal government.  Do you feel like the ‘homeland’ is safer?

This article demonstrates that YOU can face seizure without being the actual cause of illegal activity because the government is after someone else.  A product you bought, or an employer you currently or used to work for, or maybe a neighbor or friend who is now in trouble – YOU are a target too!  So saying you don’t care because you don’t do anything wrong is NOT SMART!  Do you really want the troubles that go along with defending yourself when you are not doing anything wrong?  Here is a great example of being “guilty by association” and the related consequences.   It is already happening and it is just a matter of time before YOU are not “safe enough” to drive.


For instance, let’s say your car is now five years old and the government has declared it a hazard because the air-bags (or whatever) could be faulty and cause an accident.  Let’s say the cost to fix this is larger or a bigger percentage of the value of the vehicle and a recall isn’t going to happen because the car companies have now lobbied to limit recalls so they can stay in business.  It’s just easier to trade in or purchase a safer, newer car – IF you can afford to do that.

This logic is dangerous to your freedom.  It forces you to buy a new car and not a used one!  Most people can’t afford a new vehicle every five years and in fact, your vehicle is worthless as a trade-in.  Remember when the government paid to demolish cars they said were too old and unsafe to be on the road (ah, Cash for Clunkers)?  This hurt the poor and hurt the economy by restricting and removing affordable transportation for tens of thousands of people.  So what happens when the government requires you to buy a car never less than 5 years old?  This leaves leasing as your only viable option – only if you have good “credit” of course.  Or worse yet, the government will force YOU to ride the bus, train or any other public transportation that the government wants you to subsidize.

Some would say this will never happen because the State and federal government need gas tax sales and license plate fees, etc., but understand, that YOU will be taxed in other ways to make up that difference.  It is just going be a shift in how and how much you pay for other things.


We are rapidly approaching self-driving cars and they will be deemed “safer”.  The next step after that is restricting other vehicles that are controlled by you and that you are no longer capable or safe enough to drive.  Your car will be banned or you will be banned from driving.  Do you need a drivers’ license to operate a self driving car?  Maybe not.  But you will need a permit to have one along with the other trappings of forced insurance, parking fees and scheduled maintenance that will be required or your car will not operate.  No more waiving scheduled maintenance or having your car fixed at a local ‘unauthorized’ mechanic.  Fix it or park it, even when it runs fine, it will be programmed to stop running until you take it, or tow it in.  How about being taxed per mile?  Your odometer will be required to be checked (or checked automatically and transmitted like it is on “smart meters” and a fee imposed and assessed –  or again – your car will be locked down.

Car pooling?  Think again.  That’s a business!  You will need permits and authorization and fees paid.

There are so many things philosophically wrong with self-driving vehicles in a free society and the consequences to YOU.  The best solution is to flat out reject buying them.  No sales creates problems for the government and car makers.  The car makers have finally sided with lobbying with the government to force you to buy their product, just like the insurance companies did with health insurance.

The outcome is still unpredictable but ignoring forced government legislation and law seems to be trending in the direction of resistance.  Think I’m wrong?  How many of the 300+ million people in the United States have or signed up for Health Insurance?  To date, two years of promotion (subsidized by YOU) and only 11 million have signed up?

People defy government regulation because it is bad regulation and we are currently free or so we think because ‘we aren’t doing anything wrong’.  Now is the time to vote to change this corrupt and menacing freedom of choice.  For the moment, you have the freedom to do that!

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