March 4, 2015 Rebellion!

Political Parties Corrupt Absolutely – Convention of States

– Tisha Casida

I am a huge fan of what the Convention of States Project is attempting to achieve.  I believe in the mission so much, that I think it important to remind people that there are no “teams” when it comes to protecting the Constitution and liberty.

In Colorado, a Republican Senator (Tim Neville) was supposed to introduce a Resolution in the State Senate for the Convention of States but backed out.  Another corrupted Republican who does not actually stand for the Constitution – Dudley Brown – is also a part of the fiasco.  Mr. Brown would not support my candidacy for Congress as an Independent, even though I had stronger 2nd Amendment stance than Republican Scott Tipton,

There are is no Red Team versus Blue Team, Republican versus Democrat fight going on here.  Political parties corrupt absolutely and cannot be trusted with our liberties and with common sense government.  Political parties are bought, and the institutions that they control are bought.

Our only hope is a more common-sense approach at civics and government at the State and local levels.  This is where we have more transparency and more accountability with the people who we elect to office.

Vote them ALL out in 2016!  Clean your house!  After two terms, get new representation into office – regardless of political party – this is the quickest and surest bet to better governance.


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  1. Gary Cox

    Thank you fro supporting a Convention of States approach. We cannot expect career politicians to solve the issues with our Government, it will require the States to do it. As a volunteer for the Convention of States Project in Colorado, I see the need for people like you to bring the younger generation into the fold of saving our Federation. Thank you. Please keep speaking in favor of COS.

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