April 2, 2015 Rebellion!

1 in 5 People, Drugging Themselves to Relax

We love drugs.  I mean, coffee and alcohol are drugs too, and Americans, God love us, have a special affection for drugs.  And, at REBELLION.life, we have a special affection for protecting your right to use them.

A Gallup survey has recently shown that approximately 20% of Americans admit to using drugs to relax.  Self-medicating is nothing new to society, however, the range and the types of drugs available to alter one’s mood are increasing.  We think there are more healthful approaches (e.g. exercise, outdoor-time, etc.), but the fact is, a lot of people take some type of medication to relax.  And that’s… well, scary.

Mind-altering drugs that are synthetic have a host of potential side-effects, some of which can be horrific for society.  Addiction to these synthetic drugs is damaging and deadly.

In Colorado, voters went so far as to approve having marijuana (much, much safer) as a drug choice.  And here at REBELLION.life, as people who whole-heartedly support hemp, cannabis, and the non-psychoactive parts of hemp (Cannabidiol or CBD) – we hope that more people start investigating alternatives to the synthetic drugs that exist.

There won’t be a movement any time soon to figure out non-drug ways to relax.  However, we feel there is a lot of promise and opportunity to educate and inform people about natural alternatives to synthetic mind-altering drugs.  The use of marijuana exists for people who love THC and the psychoactive ‘high’.  And for the rest of us, who don’t necessarily want the high, but want to experience the health benefits of CBD – there is hemp – which is legal to consume in all 50 States and now legal to grow in 19.

Exercise your sovereignty and your right to relax.  And if you so desire, check out alternatives to synthetically-derived drugs that could wreak havoc on your system, and consider a natural solution, instead!

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  1. Michal

    Ehm, as a human, who do not use any drugs, include coffee and alcohol, I hate the drugs/drugged people and I also do not understand, why people have a need to be drugs slaves. So sorry Tisha, I do not agree with you, when you push the drugs users to do an investigation to use natural drugs instead synthetic. Most of my friends begun to use the drugs, when I was teenager. Of course first was alcohol and the cigarettes and then some of them begun with marijuana, but later the mariujana for some of them was not enough strong, because their bodies were adapted. Then they begun with synthetic drugs. It means, that synthetic drugs users cannot go back to natural drugs, they can only stop use the drugs or continue, it is exactly same, like with the alcoholism…

    By the way, I think, that the thought, that drugs help with relax is terrible myth.

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