April 13, 2015 Rebellion!

Mysterious Blob Affecting Our Weather?

It is SO important to look at what we CAN control when it comes to what is happening in our environment and with our policy-making!

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  1. Michal

    Well, I do not think, that leakage from Fukushima has something to do with this blob. Pacific ocean is too big for it. But when the nuclear waste is mentioned here, then I think, it would be good to know more about it. The radioactive waste unfortunately does not come into the ocean just from Fukushima. Interesting document about the issue is here:


    I just can add, that it is not just about the ocean. Every nuclear power plant need to be built near water (ocean or river). So if the river is enough big for dilution the nuclear waste concentration. It is also dumped into the river by pipe.


    The PIGS do this, while most of people on this planet do not know about it…

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