October 14, 2009 Rebellion!

The Greatest Insult – Where is the Support for Our Troops?

Troops holding Flag

Watching the debates go back and forth via news-commentary, as well as within the offices of our Country’s government, it is appalling to me to see that there are so many questions around the increase of troops in Afghanistan.

I love our troops, God, I love our troops.  These are the people that sacrifice their lives to defend our freedoms.  I can tell you right now, that I, as a concerned citizen, want our soldiers to have the PEOPLE and EQUIPMENT that they need to fight.

There is no greater insult to the men and women of our Country, than to abandon them in their time of need.  Period.  It is disgusting.   I am not a general, I am not the President, I am not a soldier, but I do know, that those troops out there deserve their Country to back them, and it better happen.  Or, in honor of Sarah Palin, I have to say, that, there will be a very special place in hell for those people making decisions that hurt our troops.

– Tisha Casida

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