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Know Your Farmer – Joey Medina of Medina Farms

OLNEY SPRINGS – My name is Joseph Joaquin Medina. I was born to Manuel and Linda Medina on March 14, 1977 in Rocky Ford, Colorado.  I am the owner and grower of Medina Farms, a hydroponic growing facility located in Olney Springs, Colorado.  I specialize in lettuce and herb production (mainly basil). I am the fourth generation of farmers in my family in Southeastern Colorado.

I grew up on a farm – my father used to grow sugar beets in Boone, Colorado.  I can recall being a child riding on the tractor with my father as he farmed.  Drought hit Southern Colorado in the late seventies and early eighties and it caused my father to quit that operation.

My grandfather, Manuel Pinon Medina, farmed in Southeastern Colorado since the fifties. Sugar beets and onions were the cash-crops at that time.  There was a large sugar beet factory in Sugar City, Colorado which my family farmed for.  Crowley County was a very profitable region for this sugar-beets during this period of time.

Lettuce & Hands

We also harvested corn and milo.  As I grew into my high school years, we primarily grew corn for grain and alfalfa or hay.   We have also ventured into ranching, which I am looking forward to taking part in by raising Buffalo.   You can grow feed for Buffalo through hydroponics.   This will be another means to supply the community with a fine and healthy product.

I believe in sustainability and that hydroponics will be the future of farming, especially with the water issues that we face. I am very thrilled to be part of this growing movement and am looking forward to spreading the awareness of sustainable farming operations.  I can be contacted at: 719-469-7053.

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