October 20, 2009 Rebellion!




I think when we get right down to it, we need to ask the real hard questions.

Like, how in the world did we end up here in the first place?

How did our Country get to the point where a Health Care bill is 1,500 pages, written by lawyers, and not even understood by our congressmen?

How did we get to the point, where our Representatives won’t listen to us while marching 2 million people on the front lawn of the Capitol?

Well, we got lazy, not all of us, but a lot of us, and I am certainly one of those people to blame.

So, now, we know we have a big problem, now we need to fix it.  We will fix it by mobilizing the masses of people that make up the American consumers and constituencies.

WE THE PEOPLE, will create the New Media using the Free Market.

And we will get our country back to a place where bills can be read and understood by our representatives and by the American people.

– Tisha Casida

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