October 21, 2009 Rebellion!

Budget from a Concerned Citizen

Who am I?  I’m 27 years old, I have just received my MBA, and I own my own business.

I am doing numbers-research via the internet at 10:00 at night while chatting on Gmail, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and my iPhone.

And I am determined to show people what I would do if I were president.  Today’s observation is the Federal Budget.  Let’s break it down real quick:

In 2008 the United States government spent $3 Trillion on General Budget expenditures.

–       $2.5 trillion was paid by FEDERAL TAX REVENUES

–       $459 billion (DEFICIT) was paid for by BORROWING

THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY GOES: (Stats from Center on Budget & Policy Priorities http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=1258)

Defense & Security = 21%, or $625 Billion

Social Security = 21%, or $617 Billion

Healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP) = 20%, or $599 Billion

Safety Net Programs = 11%, or $313 Billion

Interest on National Debt = 8%, or $253 Billion

Benefits for Federal Retirees & Veterans = 6%

Scientific & Medical Research = 3%

Transportation Infrastructure = 3%

Education = 2%

Non-Security International = 1%

All Other = 5%

So, not being an economist, an elitist, or a believer in Government-hand-outs (versus HAND-UPS (thank you Mr. Thompson for that analogy)), I have revised the budget as follows.

We have to shave the 18% of the budget which is borrowed spending BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT GOVERNMENT HAS TOLD US TO DO – THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN RULES – And I don’t want my kids paying for these congressmen’s stupid business decisions.

So…..we have to shave off $459 billion…the END GOAL (and there would be some pain and heartache in the middle, but dangit, we can handle it) would be:

Defense & Security = 21%

Social Security = 21%

Healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP) = 10%

Safety Net Programs = 5.5%

Interest on National Debt = 0%

Benefits for Federal Retirees & Veterans = 6%

Scientific & Medical Research = 3%

Transportation Infrastructure = 3%

Education = 7.5%

Non-Security International = 1%

All Other = 4%

What we have done here is take off 10% from Healthcare and 8% from servicing the national debt – there went our 18%.

NOW, do not fear, we have re-allocated some of our funding for “Safety Net” programs to “Education”, where we feel that we can help boost our future and our economy to the point of being able to eliminate some of that safety-net. By providing opportunities and venues for students to learn and grow (as well as eat nutritional foods that help them think), we are very confidant that we can eliminate some of this safety-net spending.

CONFIDENCE.  Something that our fore-fathers would be proud of.  RESPONSIBILITY.  Something we should all take when it comes to our health.  EDUCATION.  The true variable for sustainably growing our economy.

– Tisha Casida

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