December 10, 2009 Rebellion!

Why The Good American Post Doesn’t Need Props

By: Tisha T. Casida

“The most damning problem with government ‘help’ is what we saw with the bailout of the U.S. auto industry: Help props up those who are producing things that customers do not want,” said News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch (December 8, 2009 at   I could not agree more with this statement.  Help is not help when it comes at the expense of taxpayers and subsidizes companies or industries that are not performing.

It is simple.  The market bears what the market desires.  If newsprint is failing to deliver information to the consumer that the consumer is demanding, then newsprint will fail.  Yes, technology has impacted news and newsprint, but that is part of the market.  Deal with it.  Grow up.  And stop crying for help from the Nanny-State.

The Good American Post, is new to the market, and empowers consumers with information that supports local communities and builds local economies with positive and sustainable information.  It is being demanded.  It is what the market wants.  And it is exactly why we do not need the government to prop us up, and never will.


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