December 20, 2009 Rebellion!

Health Care by Sonja Roberts

Regarding the health reform debate currently underway, there really is no genuine pursuit of what is supposed to be affordable health care for all for two main reasons: (1) the current anti-competitive environment of hospitals and health insurance carriers and (2) the lack of legislative competency in Congress on how to partner with private enterprise to come to genuine solutions for the American people.   It is quite clear that state regulators have failed to protect their constituents from non-competitive business practices.  They have either not enforced laws intended to protect consumers or they have approved legislation that helps hospitals to get ever and ever larger by eliminating the opportunity for new competitors to enter the market and by gobbling up whatever competition they do have.  Why else would there be legislation currently attached to the health care bills that would reverse protection that the health care industry has enjoyed, but by not properly enforcing anti-trust legislation at the state level.

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