January 18, 2010 Rebellion!

Liberty, Activism, & Leadership

By Tisha Casida

Having the opportunity to currently study leadership, as well as work with activist groups and organizations in the name of “liberty”, it should be noted that we are all fighting for the same thing, and that it is very important and very necessary to work together to achieve a common goal.

The movement of “change” – first initiated by a presidential campaign, and now an inherent part of real changes and additions to our operations as an economy and country – is something that has been created and something that we can deal with – AS CONSUMERS, AS CONSTITUENTS, and as CITIZENS.

WE THE PEOPLE are the future, and it is up to us to work together in the name of LIBERTY and FREE MARKETS.  It does not matter if you are a republican, a democrat, an independent, a libertarian, or a constitutionalist.  This is about the United States of America, and each of us, as citizen leaders (Couto, 1995) play a part.

We must all support each other – organizations like American Liberty Alliance, are doing just that.  Check them out at: http://americanlibertyalliance.com/objective/

Couto, R. (1995). Defining a Citizen Leader. In Wren, J.T. (Ed.), The Leader’s Companion (pp. 11-17). New York, NY: The Free Press.

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