January 17, 2010 Rebellion!

Education and Common Sense?

By: Tisha Casida

In an article published at the Cato Institute, we have yet another example of backwards politicking versus intelligent and progressive actions that have positive benefits to society.  http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2010/01/13/head-starts-impact-evanescent-hhs-study/

Government-programs for education have come up short, again, and instead of looking at the actual problem, more money is thrown at it.  No where in the FREE-MARKET would you see more money thrown at a failing enterprise (oh wait, except for the billions of dollars for TARP -click on this link to catch-up on the bailout hoopla from Michelle Malkin).

This is what is backwards – there are NO INCENTIVES for success and there are NO PUNISHMENTS for failures – even in the education-system.  What can we do to change this?  Start taking more RESPONSIBILITY for educating our kids and our students.  And start doing everything in your power to protect our liberty.  The last people we want educating our kids is Uncle “Sam” and his minions.

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