June 6, 2020 Tisha T. Casida

Apologizing for Opinions and Truth in Journalism

You see it all over – people’s voices getting silenced. You see it again and again – a group of angry people ready to aim and fire whenever someone says anything that they don’t agree with and they decry it screaming for an apology.

When looking up the latest news on the Denver riots, I say this headline from the WestWord that IMMEDIATELY spurred my interest because it is one of the first times I have seen something with the words “VANDALISM” and one of the first times I saw a headline take a negative stance towards the vandalism and violence. It said “Denver Riots’ Worst Act of Vandalism So Far“.

I went to click on the link, as you may have tried to above… and guess what?!?! IT IS GONE!

Why? Well, I am guessing because it said “Riots'” and “Worst Act” and “Vandalism”. It has been nearly impossible for the media to admit that among the peaceful protestors who are definitely the majority, that there is this very dangerous angry minority that are doing extreme harm to the entire community, including people of color and people stuck in poverty. Why it is so hard to say that, I am not sure… why is this page gone? What is the truth? The truth is EVERYTHING – the peaceful, the rioting, the prayers, the vandalism – it is all true – there’s no opinion when you present the truth… what happened to journalism and just presenting actual information?!?!?! Why are people being silenced who present data and differing information?!?!?!?!

The New York Times apologized for an op-ed (AN OPINION) from Tom Cotton – that obviously people may disagree with – that is the WHOLE POINT OF OPINIONS – so I am not sure what the issue is. Can’t we be liberal enough to agree to disagree? Liberalism is letting people speak and having open debate. Liberalism is NOT shutting people up because you don’t like what they have to say.

Drew Brees apologized for disagreeing with taking a knee during the National Anthem. It’s just his opinion. You can hate him for it – but doesn’t he have a right to feel that way? I don’t demand an apology from everyone I disagree with… I just disagree with them, even if it pisses me off. I am happy and proud to have differing opinions, not constantly insulted and outraged to the point of wanting to shut others up.

But, as I am finding out… I am not normal… and wanting peaceful protesting, vigorous debating, and intelligent, calculated, productive rebelling – is not what most people really want.

Tank rebelling against gravity today at the park. I think he is actually a Dragon. 😉
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