November 22, 2020 Rebellion!


Sunday, November 22, 2020 – enjoying a Sunday drive from Asssspen where the beer flows like wine. My music is interrupted with the same siren as the “Emergency Broadcasting System” alerts for weather and Amber alerts. It is for… “This region is at severe risk from deadly COVID. Use caution.”.

DO YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Every day – news headlines, social media posts, alerts on our phones – DEATH DEATH DEATH. It is not even just COVID anymore – now it is DEADLY COVID (which all viruses ARE deadly…. and guess what… you WILL eventually DIE (or rather your body will perish and your spirit will continue in an eternal capacity)).

It is one thing to alert the public about a pandemic… but once you start including adjectives like “deadly” – you are creating propaganda. The TRUTH is that all viruses are deadly, people will die every day, people will die from COVID. This is a fact – but to use death as a fear tactic is for CONTROL. Truth and evidence are one thing – fear-mongering is another. And we are being FEAR-MONGERED.

I plead with you to be smart but to not live in fear. We are all going to die – how do you want to LIVE? Do you want to live under this constant barrage of terror? Or do you want to live with love, peace, and faith in your body, mind and spirit? THIS IS YOUR LIFE – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

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