March 24, 2010 Rebellion!

Thank You Soldier, SSG Cheyenne Smithey

SSG Cheyenne Smithey is currently serving us and our country in the U.S. Army.  He is with Alpha Company, 2-7 CAV, stationed at Ft. Hood, TX.  Smithey is a squad leader involved in training soldiers to prepare them for deployment. This includes training in tactical knowledge and preparing them physically for combat.  So far in his miltary career, he has had a tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. Smithey is married to Anitra Reynolds Smithey, daughter of Ernie and Carol Reynolds of Walsenburg.  They have a son, Toby, and a daughter, Rylee.  His parents are Chuck and Marianne Smithey of Gardner and who also own Antique Ave and Boutique Blvd, on Main in Walsenburg.  Thank you SSG Cheyenne Smithey for serving us and our country!  You are one of our Huerfano (Colorado) Hometown Heroes.  Join their fan-page at:
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