March 18, 2010 Rebellion!

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VI

By: Tisha Casida


Part of the problem in the United States is that there are two competing notions that are impossible to forge together.  We cannot all be equal and at the same time all have liberty.  It would be impossible to make sure that every citizen, consumer, and constituent of our country are equal without evading the liberty of these same people.  These issues are facing us now – with what is happening in our economy and our health care system.  Making everything equal, forced by the heavy hand of government, will in fact encroach on the liberty of many more people than those that are said to be given this equality. Such a movement is made on the platform of social justice, and inherent rights of American citizens.  Our rights are liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as justified by the Constitution of the United States of America – nothing more.

Social justice often cries for equality.  Unfortunately, just as there is a scarcity of resources, there are limits and constraints as to how “equal” we can be.  Civil rights has nothing to do with social justice.  Civil rights are HUMAN RIGHTS – something that I and any other God-fearing human being believe in.  Social justice, and even environmental justice, are battle cries that are often communicated by great people with great causes.  However, it is impossible to make everyone equal.  There can be equal opportunity, but still, not everyone will be equal, and thus, not everyone will always be happy.  This is a hard and painful lesson to learn, but the truth.  We CAN all be free.  FREEDOM and the opportunity to pursue happiness is the basis for our country.  We are all equal on the level of human and civil rights, beyond that, our FREEDOM allows us to create the life that we want to lead.  The equality of income, opportunity, political class, and social class are impossible.

To me, liberty is much more important than equality.  Liberty, justice, and the opportunity to PURSUE happiness, are all we can ask for.  That is what this country is all about – you can find it in our constitution, and the relatively free market that makes it possible to write and read this book.

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