March 24, 2010 Rebellion!

Political Party Elites Better Take Notice!

By Steve Thompson

Get ready for a new type of politician. Bob McConnell is running for Congress representing the 3rd district in Colorado – and he is not alone.  Just about everyone agrees that real change in Washington requires new non-career politicians.  The arguments have been made regarding experience and “seasoned” career-seeking politicians, however the people of our great country are just not buying into that brand of ongoing unsuccessful results. We the people are demanding better results and better-qualified candidates like McConnell.

I had heard a radio interview with McConnell a few months ago and really liked what he had to say – a diverse and interesting guy.  He’s got it all, recovering lawyer, former soldier, practical environmentalist, family-man, with a demonstrated spirit and passion to stand by his words with actions.  The interview worked, I was hooked and wanted to know more.

I am one of those Independent voters that the two traditional parties hate (the Independents who actually make the difference regarding who gets elected).   Many people tell me that I’m wasting my vote and both parties remind me that “I” (with my vote) am why the opposition gets into power.  Obviously, both sides think I am on their side and not the other.  Therein lies the problem, they don’t want to accept I don’t support either of them and millions of voters don’t…yes, millions of us.

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