March 16, 2010 Rebellion!

Taking Our Country Back

Well, folks, we better be ready to do whatever we have to if they are able to unconstitutionally pass this health care bill.  If they use the “slaughter rule” which is 100% against Article 1, Section 7 of the GOVERNING DOCUMENT of this great nation – we here at The Good American Post want to be part of the solution – to figure out how we are going to get our country back.

The slaughter rule ignores the voting procedure, and will allow for those who have worked so hard to take away our liberties and free-market to not take any responsibility for that (until election time of course).

What will this take?  New representation, new reliance on our communities, new reliance on our own micro-scale economies that have not been bastardized by the interference of the heavy-hand of government, and new media.  We will be a part of this, and we are looking for patriots around the country who are interested in doing the same.
By Tisha Casida

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