March 22, 2010 Rebellion!

Now "This Is Change"

By Tisha Casida

Yesterday, history was made with a vote and a proposed overhaul of a system that will bankrupt my country, harm my small business, and set a precedence for unconsitutionality that we will not forget.  I am angry – so are millions of other hard-working Americans.

If “this is change”, then I cannot wait for WE THE PEOPLE to take our country back and remind those is Washington that this it THE PEOPLE’S STATE, NOT the politicians, and certainly not the majority party’s.

Last year we started this paper to be a force for our constitution and the free markets that make our Country thrive.  Today, this is a vehicle for ANYONE to use to make sure we vote out all of the representatives that have just ignored the people’s cries, and have challenged the governing document of The United States of America.

For our troops that have fought for this country, for our families who work hard to pay their bills and pay their taxes, and for the next generation who will have to pay for this ridiculous bill – we will fight until we restore our country back to what it is supposed to be – you have my word.

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