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The death tax stands to ruin any small businesses and family farms that are rich in assets and land.  Hard-working Americans who saved and accumulated these assets will be punished for their hard work and investment.  This is backwards.  Help do something about it HERE:


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Why I Love This Country

Yeah, there are some bad things happening, but we live in the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

As snowstorms cause chaos, people OPEN UP THEIR HOMES to neighbors and community members.

We watched an NFL team with odds stacked against them (coming from a recovering city) win a Superbowl, with plenty of commercials to remind us that we have FREE SPEECH.

We start buying chocolate, flowers, jewelry for that Valentine in a FREE MARKET where we still have choices about what we can buy, and our shelves are stacked with goods.

And, we are each afforded the opportunity to do whatever we want and believe in, we are able to work hard, we are able to start a business, start a career, start a family, and run for office.

And we fly that beautiful flag, amidst the snow.  We really do live in the greatest country in the world.

By Joni Cave

Cap & Trade – Real Solutions?

Resource: American Solutions for Winning the Future

Two EPA attorneys disagree with the actions of Cap & Trade

Action Item: Save the environment, and start locally to make a difference. No new taxes, only programs that are proven to work, and those programs should come from the PEOPLE, not be mandated by government.

“Supporting local communities. Building local economies.”

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