What is Really Going On With Vaccines & Viruses?

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– Tisha Casida

Rather than divide this issue into two factions of thought that have no room for candid and cooperative discussion – how about we put some focus on why this is a big deal and how we can protect the health and well-being of our family and community.

First of all, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Vaccines have not existed for all humankind’s existence, and, diseases – specifically viruses – mutate and change continuously.  The truth is that vaccines have not always existed, and therefore, if they work, at one point in human’s existence, people continued to live (and die) without them.  The truth is that viruses change and have wreaked havoc on human populations for thousands of years, and some would think that the good intent of vaccines is to stop this from happening.

We now live in a relatively free country, that does still ‘allow’ parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their baby.  The argument for individual liberty is that parents have a right to decide how their baby grows up – including their health.  The argument for the commons, is that that un-vaccinated baby can now be a carrier of disease, and affect others with their choice.

Both of these arguments have substance – who would argue against both the individual’s and the community’s well-being?  We now have angry parents of children who have contracted measles from children who are not vaccinated (in some but not all cases), from parents who have chosen a different lifestyle choice.  But if we are going to hurl stones – can we also talk about what is happening with more viruses and more human development?

The fact is, that many countries other than ours have different ‘requirements’ for what happens with vaccinations.  And, as America becomes even more diverse with an arguably more lax and unstructured immigration policy, and as more and more people travel all over the world (and this may not necessarily be a bad thing when we talk about the inefficiencies and bureaucracy saving us from a tyrannical government), we are likely to see a more diverse set of bugs and bacteria enter into the lives of Americans.  This is in fact, a form of evolution.  And, if you are going to try and pigeonhole me into being ‘racist’, please make a note that I am fully aware of the spread of disease from European settlers on indigenous Native American tribes.  This transcends politics – this is human development.

The virus that made me want to bring this up, is “Shingles”.  Why did this virus start to be so popular – it came out of nowhere.  The commercials for the vaccine say that one in three people are going to get this…. and that the virus already is inside of you.  So why has it gained ground and what caused that?  Could it be from exposure to more peoples’ diverse sets of germs?

Before we condemn parents who decide not to vaccinate their children as the culprits of this outbreak, I really think it would be great to have a medical discussion (which I am incapable of having, since I am not in the medical field), about what viruses are and why they mutate, how people from other cultures and countries (which, is what most of us are built of – a combination of heritages) may be affecting the viruses that we are exposed to, and what can we do to prevent sickness and disease beyond vaccinations.  Surely, there are more ways to protect people, including, building healthy immune systems that are exposed to more good bacteria.

As someone who fully celebrates sovereignty – I think people always deserve an “opt out” button of anything that the government proposes, on moral, ethical, and religious grounds.  I also fully sympathize with people who are scared of such profound and un-conforming actions, which may then affect them in ways that they do not like and are uncomfortable.  This is the dance between liberty and community – individual rights and collective rights – personal choice and government mandate.  And there is no black and white answer, other than doing our best to make sure we figure out solutions to protecting the health of ourselves and our loved ones.  Which is entirely possible with peaceful discussion versus violent rhetoric.

Collectives Always Erode the Rights of the Individual

I will say it until I cannot physically irk the words out any longer. A collective – be it a political party, an organization, or a government – eventually attempts to use force to erode the natural rights of the individual. It is just the way that human nature works.


The National Rifle Association (NRA), bending to pressure from media, government, and individuals said today that they are “prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again”.


I am hopeful that this means to actively participate in protecting their membership’s individual and natural right to protect themselves. Tragically – men, women, and children die every day because they are unable to protect themselves, all over the world. If our country (and in particular this organization) wanted to do something great, it would leave collective bargaining and “working with government” between individuals and their representatives. The NRA is a collective, and it will most likely eventually use its membership and “force” to make something “happen” in Washington, D.C.


Individuals, acting as individuals responsible for themselves, are the cure for our country’s ills. Government cannot help or save us – organizations like the NRA or the Komen Foundation cannot help or save us. Collectives – big groups of people – can become forces for a cause that eventually erodes your individual right. Our individual right to protect ourselves is on the line. What will you do?

Republic versus Democracy – Why We Should NOT Be Promoting Democracy

We hear about our country’s stellar democracy and how important it is that we, the United States of America, “promote” (via war oftentimes) democracy to other countries.  People hear this and think that democracy is equivalent to freedom; of course for anyone who knows the true intention of (most of) the Founding Fathers, we understand that we shouldn’t be living in and upholding a democracy – it is a republic that is the purest form of government for protecting individual rights.

Republic: Where people vote for representatives to represent them and protect their individual rights.  Our representatives are not supposed to go to Washington to write and enact legislation that benefits majorities and minorities, or institutes and enforces the concept of collective rights – the only task of our representatives is to protect and defend the individual rights of the American people.

Democracy: Where everyone votes on everything – every issue, every problem, every concept.  However, when everyone votes on everything, the majority continuously erodes the minority – that minority eventually does not exist – and at that point, it is tyranny.  The small voice – the minority – eventually goes away – because the votes of the representatives form collective rights.  We vote for representatives that are supposed to represent us and our individual rights.  When representatives vote on every issue that may affect the American people (forming collective rights of special groups of people), this is different than simply representing them and protecting individual rights versus collective rights.  This is where our “republic” is today – our representatives vote on issues that protect collective rights instead of individual rights.

Now, we are far away from this concept of a republic.  Most congressional and presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle continuously “win the hearts and minds” of the people by promising what they will do for majorities and minorities – promising to protect the interest of corporations, promising to protect the interest of unions (as an example). The problem is that this is the antithesis of protecting individual rights.  The protection of special interests eventually leads to the division of people based on their emotions on social issues (which the federal government should have no part of).  The protected interest of certain groups, factions or political parties charges the debates amongst all people; all people who can generally agree on the fact that individual rights are a good thing to be protected (but this is not what we are focusing on when we argue back and forth about social or group issues).

The States that are in our Union of States, which makes up the United States of America, is a unique form of government, called a republic.  Our Republic has been under attack before, during, and immediately after the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The only thing that protects that Republic is the very thing the Republic defends – that is the individual rights of the American people.  Democracy, which has been touted by Republicans and Democrats for many years, is a dangerous form of government that eventually erodes away individual liberties because it relies on the will of a majority.  This will always lead to tyranny.

Look at our country – do our representatives go to Washington, D.C. to protect our individual rights?  Or do our representatives go to write legislation that benefits a group?  Do presidential and congressional candidates campaign on promises of protecting your individual liberties?  Or do presidential and congressional candidates (sans Ron Paul) campaign on promises of protecting special interest groups – groups of people who are the “minority”, groups of people who want the government involved in social issues?

We are revolutionary – the American spirit runs pure in the hearts of many people of this great Republic.  The beauty of this is, it is not uniquely American – it is human – liberty and freedoms endowed by our Creator are an inherent part of the blessings of walking this planet.

Let us remember that spirit and remember the important of individual rights this election – look for candidates that promise to protect your individual rights, as that is the key to prosperity and peace.

WALLBUILDERS – Know Your History

In an interesting interview with Glenn Beck, founder of WallBuilders, David Barton, discussed the “Black Regiment” which later became known as the “Black Robe Brigade”.  We’ll give you the links, so that you can read at-length, however the conclusion of his conversation with Beck is what is so important to remember.

Our country was built upon the concept of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.  This is very different from COLLECTIVE RIGHTS.  Individual rights allow for individuals to have freedom to do what they like, as long as they are not hurting anyone else.  Collective rights, as we are witnessing more and more, can quickly tromp the rights of the individual for the rights of “the greater good”.

Although Americans, in general, are kind and giving people who really DO care about the collective (and take care of the collective using a free market and paying certain taxes), that does not mean in any way shape or form should be be forced into taking care of the collective.

Individual rights are considered God-given rights that each of us has to take care of our body, mind, and spirit.  When these are taken away, be become slaves to a system – probably one of governance.

Know your history, be a patriot, and stand up for this great country and the principles she was founded upon.

Read more about forgotten history HERE at WallBuilders.

– Tisha Casida


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