Political Parties Corrupt Absolutely – Convention of States

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– Tisha Casida

I am a huge fan of what the Convention of States Project is attempting to achieve.  I believe in the mission so much, that I think it important to remind people that there are no “teams” when it comes to protecting the Constitution and liberty.

In Colorado, a Republican Senator (Tim Neville) was supposed to introduce a Resolution in the State Senate for the Convention of States but backed out.  Another corrupted Republican who does not actually stand for the Constitution – Dudley Brown – is also a part of the fiasco.  Mr. Brown would not support my candidacy for Congress as an Independent, even though I had stronger 2nd Amendment stance than Republican Scott Tipton,

There are is no Red Team versus Blue Team, Republican versus Democrat fight going on here.  Political parties corrupt absolutely and cannot be trusted with our liberties and with common sense government.  Political parties are bought, and the institutions that they control are bought.

Our only hope is a more common-sense approach at civics and government at the State and local levels.  This is where we have more transparency and more accountability with the people who we elect to office.

Vote them ALL out in 2016!  Clean your house!  After two terms, get new representation into office – regardless of political party – this is the quickest and surest bet to better governance.


Support to Tisha Casida and the Rebellion.Life

Michal Krajicek

This letter came from one of our wonderful supporters in Europe – thank you Michal for believing in what we are doing!

My name is Michal Krajicek. I am from the Czech Republic. I was born in 1987 in the totalitarian Czechoslovakia, so I am very disappointed, when I see the way in which my country, Europe, and the USA go, especially here in Europe, with our experiences with totalitarian regimes, bureaucracy and a centrally-planned economy.

The governments, I mean also the state officers, have too much power over the people now. The laws are spammed by our parliaments with so many regulations and laws, which are difficult to understand, while our representatives are not able to read and completely understand it all and many of them resign to try it, even then they pass it. What the hell?  How is it possible that they do that?  Why do the people, who elect them in the elections tolerate it?

It is sure, that in this system, there is a lot of space for the corruption and of course, the big international corporations use it for the maximum possible benefits for them.

I see the aggression against the other countries in the name of democracy and security and of course, the results are, that these countries are only destroyed, even our stupid/corrupted politicians do it again and again. Why it is supported or tolerated by the people?

I do not like this at all.

When I was born, I was not free. I do not want to die, when my time comes, with the same status, as I was born – as a slave. I want die as a free man in the freedom country. I believe, that only possible way for it, is that I will live in the country, with small and limited government.

It is easy to say, but difficult to realize. I know, I do not want to be like a politician and try change it by myself. I also do not have the leadership charisma. Fortunately there are some great people, who are defending freedom and they need our help. Of course Ron Paul and Nigel Farage, many others, who are less seen and one special woman named Tisha Casida.

I very much appreciate what all these people do for Freedom, but Tisha Casida has best style. Steve Thompson wrote it absolutely exact when he wrote about Tisha: “Tisha Casida speaks plain, intelligent English for regular people – offering one of the best explanations of our rights and the Constitution without the condescending academic jargon”.  I have followed Tisha since February of 2012, so I know that she has great ideas for projects and events, which are made possible from the money donated from her supporters.  So, since  January of 2014 I donate to her www.Rebellion.Life project every month too.

Some people are maybe now interested, why I support a woman from Colorado, even though I never was in the USA and I live in Europe… why don’t I support somebody local?

I do it, because Tisha, with her unique style is the best inspiration for all people around the World to defend freedom. She has the best style, abilities and effort to explain the principles, which we like. The location is not so important, as much as the explained thoughts, specially today with the Internet, when it can be shared very easy.

If you like Tisha’s Rebellion and want help, please donate, buy her pamphlets or Rebellion gear. Yes, international shipping fees are not nice, but I survive it.

Thank you.

Michal Krajicek

You Can't End Corruption Using Corrupt People's Rules

I have a lot of friends who believe in “party infiltration”.  And I have so much respect for ANYBODY who is willing to step up in ANY capacity to make a difference.  But, in my opinion, there is no way that true liberty and the freedom to dissent will be successful in a party system that strong-arms candidates based on the money they raise and the money the party can then use to buy influence.

And then, be able to use that influence to extort from businesses, industries, and even countries – more wealth, resources, and power – that can be used to destroy the individual liberties and natural rights of Americans – and all humans.  It is a game of extortion, and both the Republican and Democratic parties play that game well.

There are thousands of examples of this, and that is why I have chosen the path less traveled – that of running outside of any party.  Not that this is the right path, but it is the one that I, personally, feel most justified and vindicated in traveling.  You may be aware of the concept that there are millions of apathetic Americans who don’t want to participate in our corrupt two-party system.   My belief is that there can be leaders out in the communities where we live that give these dissenting voices of frustration a place to cast their vote.

These are the silent numbers of people who don’t post their likes and dislikes via social media, they don’t speak up at meetings, they don’t attend political rallies – but they are there, and I believe that they are willing to draw their line in the sand when it comes time to stand up against the oppressive forces of the extortion tactics used by political parties and people we hesitantly call “representatives” in the House and Senate.  This includes the near-blind support of Homeland Security’s infiltration of our local police forces, the building of containment camps throughout the United States, and extremely destructive erosion of American’s privacy.  These are the oppressive forces NOT being spoken against by either party.

Corruption does not lend itself to rule-following.  I have witnessed this for four years in Colorado’s third congressional district where many a good men think they can run Republican and get the blessing of a party that claims to be constitutional and conservative.  Unfortunately, you can’t play by the rules and expect to win when the people making the rules are the problem.

If you believe in taking a stand against the corruption in government, would you consider donating $10, $25, $50, even $100 to help me reach more people?

Tisha Casida is a Native Coloradan who believes in individual sovereignty, protecting property rights, and holding the federal government accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America.   She is a former unaffiliated (independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.

Women In Charge – Putting Ourselves in Charge of Birth, and Control


There was a meme, it said, “If you didn’t want old elitist men making health care decisions – you shouldn’t have put the federal government in charge of the health care system”.

This transcends the puppet-show of “Right” versus “Left” – “Republican” versus “Democrat”.  This is about common sense.

When it comes to a woman’s body (or, any body for that matter) – the government (a collection of individuals who use taxes, law, and force to implement policy)  shouldn’t have any control.  Period.  When government (which, currently, in our country, is a large portion of old, elitist men – both Republican and Democrat) decides what you can and can’t have for your health – this can be really dangerous for women.  Why in the world would we let them decide what is best?

A woman is best served when she is in complete control of her body. her health care, and her decision whether or not to take birth control.  It being her responsibility, it should be a right to be able to pay for that – without the government being involved.  It is a service, a choice, a health-care decision. and something that strong women would WANT to pay for.  Being able to pay for it yourself means that no one can tell you what you can or cannot do – it is your money, your body, your pocketbook.

If women were able to keep more of the money that they earn (e.g. abolish the federal income taxes that go to nothing of benefit to Americans and women), then they could make a lot more choices what they do with that money.  It should never be in the government’s hands.  And, it should never be in a corporation’s hands.  People should always be able to make a personal choice what they do and don’t want to do with their body – taking healthcare out of the federal government’s hands – is a great start to protecting women.

Old, elitist men, who refuse to bring in the next generation of leaders and instead have decided to die in their chairs, sitting in Congress – doing NOTHING for the young people of this country – will not fix our problems.  It is up to us.  And if we wan’t to find solutions, we are going to have to get rid of the puppet show that the Republicans and the Democrats are putting on concerning health care.  Women could be very good leaders by taking responsibility for their health care and getting important decisions out of the government’s hands.  It is your morality, your money, your body, your pocketbook, your natural right – protect it – and get government out of it.

The USDA Should NOT Have Submachine Guns

USDA Request for Submachine Guns Pic

Why on earth would an agency charged to “regulate” agriculture need machine guns?  Or any guns for that matter?   Isn’t there something horribly wrong with this picture?  Can you imagine farmers and ranchers doing anything on their property that would require this particular government agency to have these high-powered weapons?

Unless a farmer or rancher is physically harming someone else – physically beating or using force against another person for any reason other than self-defense – there is absolutely NO REASON that weapons should ever be used by any government agency against its own citizens. And there are already law enforcement agencies charged to take care of such a situation – like the County Sheriff.

We have people screaming about gun laws for the safety of citizens – what about the applicability of these gun laws that already exist for our own government officials?  Shouldn’t they have to follow the same laws?  Isn’t the government made up of individuals just like you and me?  What makes somebody who works for the government any better, smarter, or capable of managing a weapon used for mass killing?

I hope you take a moment to sign this petition at the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund – and stay involved in this debate.  There is absolutely no reason that ANY government agency or official should have these weapons that could be used against our own citizens.  It is frightening – and we can stop it.

In Peace,


Declaring Food Sovereignty

Tisha T. Casida

All politics is local – but when it comes to food – politics should not be part of the equation.  Unfortunately, our web of food choice and infrastructure has created a place for politics and food, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t opt out of the insanity to be able to consume what we want to in order to achieve optimum health.

In getting to work with small farmers, ranchers, and producers – it is easy for me to understand the importance of getting Uncle Sam out of the farm, the kitchen, and our personal choices about what we consume.  And it is possible –just look at this example from Sedgwick, Maine – where citizens declared their food sovereignty.

The proposed ordinance recognized the Constitution of the United States of America and the Maine Constitution.

Sedgwick citizens possess the right to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.”  This would include raw milk, locally-slaughtered meat, and other locally-produced items that are often produced in such a small scale that it would be literally impossible for small producers to comply with federal regulations.

“It shall be unlawful for any law or regulation adopted by the state or federal government to interfere with the rights recognized by this Ordinance.”  This is the beauty of what these citizens are doing – they are re-enforcing their natural, individual rights to be able to consume what they wish for their health and existence.

The best part about this is that citizens and businesses can decide for themselves the amount of regulation/interference they want – in effect cutting out the attorneys and bureaucrats that make it nearly impossible to buy and sell food on a local level.  “Patrons purchasing food for home consumption may enter into private agreements with those producers or processors of local foods to waive any liability for the consumption of that food. Producers or processors of local foods shall be exempt from licensure and inspection requirements for that food as long as those agreements are in effect.”

Here is the example of the Food Ordinance, which could be tailored for any town and/or County. It is our hope here, at That’s Natural!, that we can foster Food Freedom in counties across Colorado and the country by enforcing local ordinances that declare our food sovereignty at a local level – where it is easiest for us to be transparent and accountable to each one another in our communities.

Any Liberal Should Be Pissed – Case: Nuclear Option

What’s Good for the Goose is Not Good for the Gander


The Senate using the so-called “Nuclear Option” is a blatant one-finger salute to the American people.  By setting this precedent of making up their own rules to benefit their own party’s agenda – they have hurt everyone, including those that believe in “democracy”, even though the United States is set up as a republic – not a democracy  (democracy DOES destroy the vote and voice of the minority).


Republicans will retaliate – at some point – and this further hurts the American people.  The two corrupt parties who rule the “law” in Washington, D.C. have taken a dangerous step towards eroding what “rule of law” we have next.  Including the ignorance of Constitutional law, that is set up to protect the minority, to protect the individual, and to protect the property-owner – all of which suffer under the Nuclear Option, where Senators have claimed themselves able to re-write the law as they see fit.


Democrats claim to be “liberal” and “progressive”.  Democrats claim to “protect minorities” and protect the people who have a hard time using their voice.  On November 21, 2013, Democrats and the Democratic Party shut the minority up – by abandoning the rule of law.  Anyone who claims themselves to be liberal, should be infuriated.  Republicans would be guilty of the same fatal offense, and most likely will be at some point, to retaliate.  This infighting does nothing for YOU.  It only benefits political parties, that have a stranglehold on all three branches of government.


Today is a very good day to dump your party.  If you believe in either liberalism or conservatism, neither the Democratic or Republican Party are doing anything to further your philosophy.

Sheriff Joe DiSalvo – Compassion in Law Enforcement

Photo Credit: RealAspen.com

Today I had the pleasure and opportunity to go to the Aspen Business Luncheon with featured speaker, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo.  This was one of the most refreshing experiences I have had – hearing an elected official speak to the people in the room, letting them know that he does “work for them”, wants to “hear from them”, and is dedicated to their safety and security by protecting their constitutional rights.


Sheriff DiSalvo said that the focus of hiring and interacting with his deputies is to find “excellent human beings”.  Not necessarily people who “want to be cops”.  Wow.  This is really the meaning of law enforcement – to protect good people – not necessarily to police everyone with an authoritarian hand – to scare people – and to intimidate people.  His focus is on finding people who want to serve the community – in many more ways than just policing the streets – in also being good neighbors.  Officials that people can count on to help them in a time of need – even if their plumbing goes haywire.


When Sheriff DiSalvo talked about Amendment 64 in Colorado (“legalization” of marijuana), he said that he does have several local initiatives aimed at educating young people about the use and abuse of this substance.  He is okay with the “legalization” of this substance because it helps get rid of the more violent and dangerous black market.  He also made it clear that it is primarily the parent’s responsibility – not government’s – to raise their children.  He said, ‘If you trust the government to raise your kids, they’ll let you down…”.  Wow – a government official who understands what the real role of government is – how refreshing.


The only point he made, that I disagreed on, was not signing on with the other 54 sheriffs in Colorado who are suing about the State legislation that passed that makes it “illegal” (as if criminals ever follow the law) to purchase weapons with more than 15 rounds of ammunition.   Legislation does not prevent violent crime – that is up to the morals of the people.  I am against the State legislation (House Bill 1224) and would want my sheriff to be as well, because, yes, although it does not seem like any person in their “right mind” would ever “need” more than 15 rounds of ammunition for self-defense – if we have a police force, government officials, and the military with these types of weapons, then why shouldn’t  individuals deserve to have them too?  Because we have to be able to protect ourself against all enemies – including those that may work for the government (working for the government, does not automatically mean that someone is a good, moral, or just person).  So, if the police officers, government officials, and the military don’t have weapons with 15 or more rounds – I am okay with not having them either.  I believe in equality of self-defense.   I just don’t’ think that this is a compromise that will happen anytime soon.


Sheriff DiSalvo is running for re-election next year, and I am going to be excited to support him because I think his philosophy of what the role of Sheriff is – being compassionate, serving those in need, fostering peace, and understanding the role and limitations of government – is exactly what we need in Pitkin County, Colorado, and the United States.


– Tisha Casida

Peace Officer Vs. Police Officer

The President and the Sheriffs are the executors of the law.  The President signs in laws with his or her pen, and the Sheriffs are the law enforcement body charged with upholding the Constitution and arresting individuals who are outside of “the law” – or more importantly – outside of the Constitution.


But what happens when statutory laws interfere with one’s natural, and individual rights?  What happens when statutory laws erode your property rights and eliminate the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution?


At one point in time, the point of having law enforcement, was to protect one’s property and one’s property rights.  That includes life and limb – your body and your life are property.  But there has been a severe erosion of this concept, as we have more and more agencies, especially at the federal level of government, that seek to take and re-distribute your property and wealth.  When law enforcement is used to erode your property, there is a problem.


We have a problem.  Why is law enforcement being used to levy fines versus having law enforcement to protect people’s lives and property?


Speeding tickets, parking tickets, tickets for proof of insurance, tickets for expired license plates, tickets for emissions – all of these are examples of law enforcement’s authority and power being used to levy fees and fines (revenue generation for the government) versus to protect people’s property.


The great news is, since sheriffs are a part of the executive branch of government, and executors of the law – they can be petitioned by people living in their county to stand up and protect people’s property and individual, constitutional rights.  The county sheriff can be petitioned to protect the Constitutional law instead of the statutory law (because there is a difference).  The county sheriff can nullify statutory law that erodes property rights, and the county sheriff can even stop unconstitutional federal agencies if they come to indefinitely detain an individual who they deem a threat.


The word “sheriff” comes from “shire”, meaning county and “reeve” meaning representative.  During the 11th century, the King of England would appoint a reeve for the shire to keep the peace in the county.  Today, the shire-reeve, or sheriff, is charged with the same task.  Sheriffs are popularly elected (unlike the Presidency with the corrupt electoral system), so it is really up to the people who their local executor of the law is.   And it is up to the people to elect a sheriff and representatives who are more concerned with keeping the peace, versus using the heavy hand of the law to raise revenue.


There’s always a solution, and it is usually always local.  So let’s start there, with our county sheriffs, to protect and defend our individual, natural rights and our property and wealth that we work so hard for.  It is up to us to elect peace officers instead of police officers.

You can purchase my set of Pamphlets, that includes a Pamphlet on “The Role of the County Sheriff” here!

– Tisha T. Casida

You Can’t Stop Violence By Banning Guns

Let’s get one thing straight – this is not about high-powered weapons, this is absolutely about attacking the American people’s right to bear arms. People will say “Why in the world would anybody not in the military need military-type rifles?” The simple answer is – we want to make sure we never have a military that turns on its own people at the executive order of a President, or a command from a military officer. It is a check and balance. Not to mention, when there is economic turmoil and chaos, there are these things called “gangs” that tend to form and assault people and their property. These are cases where being amply armed protects the innocent.


The military is made up of men and women who are the same human beings that make up society. We are equal. If people in the military or police force have access to guns – any type of democratic weapon, like pistols and rifles – then people in society have the right to that same type of access.


For the people who desire peace, who say that banning guns will stop violence, I have three questions for you:


1.) Who is the decider about who has a right to own a gun or not, and is there any opportunity for error in decision-making?

2.) Do you really think any law is going to stop bad people from breaking the law? Isn’t that is why it is called “breaking the law”, it doesn’t matter what laws are made, bad people break laws?

3.) If the President and Congress have armed security guards and can protect their own lives – why can’t I protect my life? Isn’t my life just as valuable as our “representatives”? And aren’t our representatives supposed to protect us? Not just themselves?


I feel for the people who vehemently attack guns with such anger and disgust, when their real anger should be directed to the conditions that make it possible for violence to occur. A heavily armed population actually deters violence – as noted in the very high crime rates in Washington, D.C. where you have to right to protect yourself, versus Arizona, where you have a right to protect yourself and show people that you are able to do so.


It doesn’t matter if the weapon is a pistol, a rifle, a bow and arrow, or a knife – when bad people want to do bad things, no laws stop them. The worst of people we have to fear are governments and the military, as they often already work outside of the Constitution (the law) – therefore, if the government and military have access to high-powered rifles, so do the American people. We are equal. And we must keep one another in check.


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